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New #Wild16


Wild#16. Delicious ‘time machine’.

The memories associated with each summer we leave behind are always particularly intense. How do we make them stay that way?

By association. This way it’s easier to remember everything and to recall it when needed. So if you still associate the passing summer with raspberries, blackberries and plums, we have for you… a delicious ‘time machine’.

Wild#16, as it is called, is the next instalment of a line of beers inspired by light wines and ciders, highly valued by connoisseurs. Its base is traditionally our unique Saison style blend, barrel aged and then refermented with local raspberries, blackberries, plums – and Rondo grapes (during the brewing process we also used barley and wheat malts and oatmeal). Those of you who have already dealt with our Wilds know very well that we find it hard to part with them. This one, too, after bottling, was bottle conditioned for as long as ten months.

Oh, one more thing. Wild not only perfectly evokes memories. It is also great at generating them. 🙂

Wild#16 available from 17 September stationary in the Stu Mostów Concept, in the online shop and in all good beer shops all over Poland.