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New England IPA and West Coast IPA

Two limited premieres from our unique SPECIALS line will set off this Friday into the world from Browar Stu Mostów: FALLEN New England IPA and EVOLVING West Coast IPA.

… and whoever falls, will rise one day – this is what we will stick to, enjoying the delicious FALLEN New England IPA. We brewed it from the best German barley malt and oatmeal. During cold hopping, we used a great mix of the American and New Zealand hops.

We achieved higher biotransformation and greater juiciness thanks to our SECRET SAUCE protocol… but that’s not everything. During fermentation, for the first time, experimentally, we also used a completely new cold hopping protocol, CONTINUOSLY DRY HOPPING, which allowed us to make all the goods hidden in the hops we used.

The result: smooth body, low bitterness and above all, hop-fruit bomb filled with expressive, pleasantly tickling nostrils of tropical (melon!) and citrus aromas. CONTINUOSLY DRY HOPPING will be appreciated by connoisseurs who attach great importance to the quality of dry hopped beers.

If FALLEN NEIPA is the result of an experiment, the EVOLVING West Coast IPA surely represents the well-known style. We brewed it on a simple malt basis and hopped it heavily with Ekuanot, Citra and Simcoe hops, both in the kettle and during dry hopping. Fermented with the classic pure strain of top fermenting yeasts, dry, bitter – perfect to drink one after another.

Both premieres are available from August 6 in the Conceptu Stu Mostów station, also in the online store and in all beer stores in Poland.