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New (SPECIAL) line in our offer!


Try our SPECIALS & feel special!

Get to know the brand new line in our offer – SPECIALS!

Their beer content will be dictated by the latest trends in the brewing world and the seasonal availability of additives used in the production process. Each beer will also contain something … special! The addition of hops imported immediately after harvest, fresh fruit of local origin, nitrogen gasification or new, innovative production methods are something that you can expect from beers in this line.

They will all be released by us in limited quantities, and only once to surprise your taste buds each time and provide them with new, exciting experiences.

We also made sure that the moments spent while tasting were unique not only for your palate, but also for your eyes & imagination – all thanks to bringing both the beer content and label design to a common … adjective!

It will be assigned individually to each beer in the series and closely correlated with its composition and the graphic on the label. All in order to make the moment spent with each can and bottle fully unique and SPECIAL.

You will have the first opportunity to do so this Friday, March 26 during the release of the second beer from this line – Monkey Pastry Sour Ale Banana, Lychee & Lime!

We encourage you to follow our Facebook profile carefully, through which we will soon share all the information about this beer!