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WRCLW Helles Lagerbier release!


Helles Lagerbier release weekend!

Our new WRCLW Helles Lagerbier, is another step towards perfection in lager brewing. It`s a style that definitely puts the skills of brewers to the test, being a refined example of South German brewing.

Helles is the true zenith of south German brewing with its underlying maltiness, soft hop bitterness, and superb drinkability. A simple recipe, nowhere to hide with only one malt, 2 hops and a clean yeast strain, the process and skills in the brewhouse and cellar are the key of this beer.

Brewed with 100% German pilsner malt, one decoction, relatively soft local water, two noble varieties of hops and yeast from one of our favorite breweries in Bavaria. After that our Helles was cold-fermented lagered for 4 weeks at 0`C and naturally carbonated.

It is an excellent session beer with a malty aroma of white bread, notes of freshly cut grass and a bit of lemon zest. All of them individually noticeable, but also perfectly balanced – just like all good things in life should be! 

If you are looking for a beer companion on long, cold evenings, you’ve come to the right place – don`t miss the release and let yourself be carried away by the magic of lager-style beers this fall!