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ART+37 DDH DIPA release!


Get to know our new DDH DIPA brewed with the Maltgarden Brewery!

Salamander Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale!

Slightly sweeter than the classic DIPA – with a lower alcohol content and a strong focus on hoppy aroma, but not necessarily bitterness. Foggy, to emphasize the resemblance to the fruit flesh and remind you that this type of beer should be drunk super fresh – then it delights best with its flavor and aroma.

We invite you for the first sip and to participate in release days, which will take place on next weekend in our Pub and Concept Stu Mostów store at Długosza 2 Street!

Double dry-hopped DIPA is our answer to the latest IPA style trends. Beer brewed with double amount of malts and even more hops. Double hopped in a whirlpool and double hopped in a Hop-Gun, a pressure-flow dry hopping equipment. It`s filled with aromas of white fruit – mainly lychee and grapes, topped with tropical notes of grapefruit, mango mixed with pine and resinous in the finish.

The adjective DDH in the name does not occur by accident – this beer is super hoppy. Most of the pellet went to Whirlpool and during so-called “cool side”, i.e. fermentation and aging. In total, we used about … g of hops per liter of obtained beer, using the insanely aromatic varieties: Sabro, Galaxy, El Dorado. For greater turbidity and velvety texture, we also add a little bit of oat and wheat flakes as well as maltodextrin – unfermented sugar, which gave it more fullness and enhanced the sweetness impression.

Join us during the release weekend at Długosza 2 Street in WRCLW!