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ART+ 34 Release & Valentine`s Day!


ART+34 Release & Valentine`s Day!


We invite you on February 13 to join the release of the latest beers from the ART series, brewed in cooperation with the Norwegian Amundsen Brewery known for the production of intensely aromatic, dark and extractive beers!

The effect of our cooperation will not be an exception – the new ART is definitely the thickest, strongest and darkest beer in our offer, brewed in two versions: Banana Split and Cheesecake!

The foundation of ART+34 is based on a strong and extractive malt base, filled with the aromas introduced by dark malts – coffee, cocoa, and chocolate. They create an extremely dessert and full-bodied canva for the additions, highlighted by a creamy texture and a fine bubble foam on top, obtained thanks to nitrogen gas!

Besides NITRO foam, we have “crowned” the dessert character of Imperial Stout by extremely aromatic additions:

ART 34 Imperial Pastry Stout Cheesecake NITRO

The intense aroma of cheesecake and vanilla gets to our receptors immediately after pouring the beer into a glass, reminiscent of tasting a liquid cheesecake covered with chocolate!

ART 34 Imperial Pastry Stout Banana Split NITRO

Extremely intense notes of banana, cream and cocoa bring to mind tasting of the famous Banana Split ice cream dessert!


During the release weekend – on February 14, we will also celebrate Valentine’s day!

We invite you to take advantage of the offer that we`ve prepared for this day and to spend the evening in the industrial space of the Brewery while tasting beers brewed on-site and a menu prepared for the occasion:

Hot starter:

Artichoke cream with roasted garlic

Main course (to choose):

Spaghetti / tomatoes baked in beer / beef meatballs / hard cheese

Vege option:

Spaghetti aglio e olio / cold oils

Dessert (to choose):

Mint cream / hops lollipop

Banana cheesecake / Stout molasses / crumble with cookies

The three-course menu and the selection of beers 150ml (including the premiere ART+ 34 beer) selected in accordance with the principles of beer & foodpairing, will be serve at the price of 70 zł per person.

The offer will be valid only on February 14, from 16:00 to 22:30. To make a reservation, please contact us by e-mail via: or by phone: (48) 600 715 572

* an advance payment of 50% from the price of dinner is required.