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Tripple WILD beers release!


New mixed fermantation #WILD beers release!

We invite you to join us on January 30 for the release of unique hybrids connecting the world of beer and wine from WILD brand:

WILD No. 2 – Bière de soif refermented with Riesling grapes Blend 2019
WILD No. 3 – Bière de soif refermented with Pinot Noir grapes Blend 2019
WILD No. 4 – Bière de soif refermented with Dornfelder Blend 2019

“De soif” term is used to refer to full – bodied, complex in taste and drinkable wines. To reproduce this effect in our beers, during the fermatation process we have added fresh grapes of Riesling, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder varieties. Than, all three versions went together with a mix of bacteria and wild yeasts into wooden barrels and aged in them for almost a year!

After separation from grapes, we obtained beers with a deep color and filled with subtle aromas of wild flowers, fruit, oak and broadly defined “funky” notes. They are ideal for refermatation and long aging in bottles! We do not subject them to pasteurization process thanks to which they remain alive and their taste constantly develop over time – that’s why each bottle is unique.