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Baltic Porter Week!


Let`s celebrate the Baltic Porter Day in Wrocław!

Baltic Porter Week on Długosza Street!

To celebrate the Baltic Porter Day 2019, we have brewed not only one, but 3 versions of this style: WRCLW Tonka, Vanilla and Chocolate Baltic Porter NITRO, WRCLW Baltic Porter Palo Santo & Coconut and WRCLW Baltic Porter Double Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged 2019 NITRO!

WRCLW Baltic Porter Double Vanilla Bourbon B. A. 2019 NITRO
Half a year of aging in the aromatic interior of #FourRoses barrels resulted with an intense vanilla & spices notes with a subtle tones of coconut. At the end of aging we add dozens of Mexican vanilla sticks, receiving a double-vanilla, creamy textured #BalticPorter topped with a beautiful, fine-bubble nitrogen foam!
WRCLW Baltic Porter Palo Santo & Coconut NITRO
The solid foundation and chocolate wafer alike delicate aromas of dark malts create a full, sweet and clean malty profile that is well-balanced by the hoppy bitterness. Coconut and toasted Palo Santo wood that we add into our last version create an amazingly interesting and intense aromatic profile!
WRCLW Baltic Porter Tonka, Vanilla & Chocolate NITRO
To the long-aged, dark beer filled with mild notes of dark malts, we add very extremely aromatic: cocoa, vanilla sticks and tonka beans. They gave velvety, smooth texture and enriched the aroma of beer with chocolate and vanilla notes! Strong, extractive, aromatic and dessert kind of beer!
Join us for a first sip at our taproom or grab a bottle from Concept Stu Mostów!