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WRCLW Nectarine Weizenbock!


Join the release of the latest beer from WRCLW brand – Nectarine Weizenbock and try the new batch of WRCLW Raspberry Weizenbock!

New Release: WRCLW Nectarine Weizenbock!

This is a classic wheat bock in our new, fruity arrangement.

Weizenbock represents the classic style of wheat beer with a slightly darker amber colour, achieved thanks to the addition of chocolate and caramel malts. The maltiness of wheat base has been balanced with sourness of nectarine, which has also intensify the beer’s refreshing qualities. In spite of its intense, deep aroma Weizenbock is a light beer often savoured in colder months.

Let`s celebrate the “come-back” of our WRCLW Raspberry Weizenbock!

We are also happy to announce and bring back on our taps the WRCLW Raspberry Weizenbock!

This sweet and sour beer with the addition of 100% polish fruit pressed juice has enriched this dark, aromatic beer with aroma of fresh raspberries and enrich the malty, cereal and bready malt base.

As a trend-setter, Browar Stu Mostów has been calling for quality improvement. The trend set by craft breweries for brewing beers with the addition of fresh, local fruits such as berries may be soon adopted by regional breweries, which may abandon the use of fruit syrup to the benefit of fruit juice or pure. This trend goes along modern nutritional trends. We are going to share our experience in this field whenever possible – feel invited to join the first sip of this fruity, raspberry beer with us!

Take the first sip!

Beginning with Thursday 31/10 the new release is going to be available in our taproom / WRCLW, while beginning with Saturday in numerous pubs in Poland.

During the release weekend at our Pub there will also be a chance to taste WRCLW Raspberry Weizenbock served with special, foodpairing menu: crispy chicken with spicy, citrus sauce as the appetizer, pumpkin dumplings with baked peaches and smoked cream as a main dish and for a deesert: nutty muffins with beer pudding!