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ART+25 Premiere


New release: ART+25 Crumble Sour IPA Peach and Pineapple

Crumble, a delicious baked fruity dessert that the British are so fond of, has been gaining loyal followers in Poland. This is the reason why we have embarked on the mission to recreate the crumble flavour in beer in cooperation with Dave Kerr, the brewer from the British  Wylam Brewery!

Soon, on 25 April, we are going to release ART#25 Crumble Sour IPA Peach and Pineapple! It’s our sour and sweet IPA with peach and pineapple puree aged with roasted coconut flakes, roasted hazelnuts and dry vanilla sticks. It’s a true cracker!

Unusual ingredients account for the beer’s unique flavour:

Incredibly aromatic, sour, and juicy peach and pineapple puree that makes about 18% of all added ingredients.

Roasted hazel nuts and coconut flakes, vanilla sticks have produced the effect of “sweet crumble” in beer. We have roasted hazel nuts and coconut flakes on our own just before adding them to the ageing tank to preserve their aromas.

The beer is very light in colour because we have used only light malts. The grist consists of mostly the Pilsner and wheat malts. To produce hazy and velvety texture, we have added oat flakes. Some of the extract comes from lactose, fermented milk sugar which has given the beer its fullness and slight sweetness.

As the name “IPA” suggests, we have used dry hopping method with the use of Citra, Motueka and Saphir varieties which release citrus and stone-fruit aromas. The beer has moderate bitterness as for this style.


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