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Craft beer panel


Craft beer tasting panel

For most people beer is simply an ordinary alcoholic drink of golden colour and balanced bitterness. And yet, the world of beer is much more varied and fascinating! Each drink has its own secrets to discover. We’d like to invite all beer enthusiasts as well as those who are about to embark on their journey to discover good quality beer to a craft beer tasting panel on 26 April.


We’ll start the panel with a tour around Browar Stu Mostów. We want everyone to get to know the difference between craft and commercial production. Next, we are going to learn how to evaluate beer using our senses. We should engage all our senses to evaluate beers! All it takes is some training as for to identify how bitter, sour, sweet, malty and full the beer is. During the craft beer tasting panel there will be an opportunity to taste 5 different styles selected by our Beer Manager, who is going to walk us through the fascinating world of craft beer. Beer tastings will be paired with snacks prepared by our chef, which are going to enhance beer qualities.

After joining our craft beer panel, you won’t drink beer any longer! You’ll savour it! Craft beer tasting panel is going to last about 2.5 hours. The maximum number of participants is 25. Price: PLN 90 per person.

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