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WRCLW Coffee Imperial Stout NITRO
collab with ETNO Cafe, 14/17.02

Join us to taste WRCLW Coffee Imperial Stout NITRO!

It’s our latest take on the strongest and thickest beer of Browar Stu Mostów. Black, non-transparent, brewed with loads of dark, roasted malts combined with huge amounts of freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee prepared by ETNO Cafe. Filled with aromas of freshly made espresso, chocolate and caramel tones, with time the beer releases aromas of dark dry fruit and pumpernickel. It’s incredibly intense and savoury.

Just a week before bottling, excellent coffee from the Wrocław-based coffee roasting house ETNO Cafe was added to the ready-made beer. This exceptional coffee is a mix of two selected varieties. Browar Stu Mostów brewers and ETNO Cafe coffee specialists have joined forces to select the best blend of two roasted varieties out of over 100 to match WRCLW Imperial Stout in the best possible way. This unique mix consists of 70% intense Brazilian Yello Bouron variety that releases the aromas of, among others, almonds and peanut butter, as well as a more subtle, sour and fruity Ethiopian variety of Yirgacheffe that brings to mind blackcurrant. In total, we have used as much as 20 kilos of roughly ground coffee and extracted precious ingredients by the use of HopGun to preserve the maximum freshness and taste. It’s an exceptionally coffee-like beer. Don’t miss the chance to taste it. The aged versions with added coffee are a real treat!

On the same day we are offering the basic version of WRCLW Imperial Stout NITRO, the first in Poland nitrogen infused Imperial Stout. It’s getting fantastic reviews. Visit the website to learn more and add your own review.

Imperial Stout NITRO has been infused with nitrogen to change the beer’s texture. Nitrogen produces velvety texture and gives the beer its lightness. When poured into a glass, nitrogen produces so called cascading effect. Escaping the beer, nitrogen creates tiny bubbles that form thick and long- lasting beer head. Such an effect is not possible to be achieved with the use of carbon dioxide. Imperial Stout is so thick that the effect is watched as if in slow motion. You can’t miss the chance to see it, taste it, and compare the two versions: coffee and standard one. Join us to taste it!

The new release on Długosza on 14 February! This intense and full-bodied beer pairs well with various equally intense dishes. The newly released Coffee Imperial Stout Nitro goes well with the specially designed recipe of red spaghetti with chicken heart, blue cheese and mint sauce. The full- bodied beer brings out the best of the dish while mint refreshes taste buds before taking another sip. Intense flavour of blue cheese enriches the aromas of coffee added to the beer and produces its full flavour. The chicken hearts sauce intensifies the velvety texture of the beer achieved by nitrogen infusion.

Concept Cookie. Dark, intense beers pair perfectly well with chocolate desserts. To celebrate the new release of Coffee Imperial Stout Nitro, we have prepared a special dessert, a chocolate cookie with coffee cream and ground pepper. The chocolate enhances the beer’s flavour and aroma as well as smoothens its velvety texture. The pepper gives the beer some complexity.

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