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18 LAT?

OF 18?

The Orange Alternative


Debut of WRCLW Orange Rye RIS
and comeback of WRCLW
Raspberry Rye RIS!

High time for the orange alternative!

One day the Raspberry king, WRCLW Raspberry Rye RIS, comes back on taps and the orange alternative, WRCLW Orange Rye RIS, makes its debut.

Dry Spanish oranges added right before bottling with the use of Hop Gun give the beer its truly refreshing touch. Citrus aroma and overtone are a novelty in Russian Imperial Stout. It works really well! This orange touch rounds out this dark, dessert, savoury beer.

What brings to mind Belgian citrus pralines are clear malty tones: coffee, chocolate, and caramel, as well as the velvety rye malts aged in dry oranges.

WRCLW Raspberry Rye RIS is a perfect, classical, fruity brew. This is a well-known beer appreciated by beer enthusiasts brewed with the addition of natural slow-pressed raspberry juice. This is where the strong RIS with coffee and chocolate tones meets sweet-and-sour Polish raspberries. Give it a try. Many pubs will be serving both versions. RIS is always the best bet for those looking for new experiences. Don’t miss the chance!

On Długosza Street. We are serving Orange Rye RIS with chicken hearts with tangerines and nut sauce to bring out the beer’s flavours and aroma. Nuts highlight the malty aromas. On the taps: SALAMANDER Brut IPA and, as part of the Beer Bridges, Jopen What if Hop was One of Us – Hoppy Sour Ale.

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