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Before Party with ART#23 Kiwi and
Cherry Berliner Weisse

New release: ART#23 Kiwi and Cherry Berliner Weisse

It’s the second time we have joined our forces with the Spanish brewery MALTE. Our latest brew combines the sour and light style of Berliner Weisse with a touch of fruity delight: Spanish kiwi puree and Polish cherry pressed juice. The fruity Berliner is well-suited as an original aperitif. With the first sip, the beer stimulates your taste buds, refreshes and relaxes. The new release of ART#23 will provide an opportunity to promote beer as aperitif. The idea behind it is to stimulate our appetite and relax us so that we can start eating in a relaxed atmosphere. Malte is our collaboration partner. As the saying goes, good aperitif guarantees a good party.

The Galicia-based Malte has built its position in Spain on the excellent pairing of beer and food. In our latest brew we have taken the best of two sides. The beer is perfectly refreshing thanks to champagne-like saturation combined with a distinct sourish flavour of kiwi and cherry. Together with Malte, we are promoting the beer aperitif. Spain is famous for its fino wine, France champagne, and Italy for prosecco or Martini (vermouth) served cooled with a piece of fruit or fruit peel, which apart from its decorative function, adds a refreshing aroma. The most popular aperitif around the world is Campari with orange or grapefruit juice, or juice only for those who do not drink alcohol. At Browar Stu Mostów, we are going to serve fruity berliner as aperitif. Join us for the premiere of ART#23 Kiwi and Cherry Berliner Weisse!

Despite the cold winter months, we are offering a refreshing fruity flavour of aromatic kiwi puree and 100% natural pressed cherry juice (NFC). It’s a real smash! Juicy and ripe fruit have produced a delightful aroma and enhanced the sour flavour of the beer. Berliner Weisse is a historic style of light and sour beer that has been rediscovered by craft brewers. This style is well-known for its lightness which is achieved thanks to a very low extract of 9%, grist made of light Pilsner malts, and oat flakes.

Foodpairing on Długosza Street. Appertif is more than a welcome drink. It shows what’s going to happen next. We truly recommend ART#23 Kiwi and Cherry Berliner Weisse as an aperitif, and for starters croquettes with kiwi-chilli sour ale souce and cherry sauce. 23 minutes after the aperitif, we are serving goose breast with sour kiwi sauce / homemade noodles/ roasted parsley. What’s on the taps? Brewski 50 States of Freedom – Berliner Weisse with lime and ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse. On top of that, Naparbier Panopticon – Hoppy Berliner Weisse!

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