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Baltic Porter Day


Two versions of WRCLW Baltic
Porter NITRO for Baltic
Porter Day

It’s time to release Porter at the Brewery!

We have brewed a Baltic Porter style abroad before. Now, it’s time to give it a try in our brewery! Visit us to take the first sip of WRCLW Baltic Porter NITRO and its special version brewed for the Baltic Porter Day 2019 – WRCLW Tonka, Vanilla and Chocolate Baltic Porter NITRO!

We are in for the International Day of the Baltic Porter. This is the day to promote our brewings treasure, whose versions are going to be available on taps at our Brewery. We are going to offer a wide variety of Baltic Porters: stronger, more drinkable, classics, and the absolute hit– Baltic Porter NITRO.

WRCLW Baltic Porter NITRO is a dark bottom-fermenting beer that has aged for a sufficient amount of time. With its malty foundations, subtle aroma of dark malts, the style brings to mind chocolate-coated wafers. The beer has a clear, full, sweet but well-balanced profile. Nitrogen infusion gives the bee ran usually velvety texture and a beautiful beige head made of tiny bubbles.

The Baltic Porter is a perfect match for long winter nights. It will definitely warm you up! This complex and multi-layered beer is a trademark for dark beers. With each taken sip, there is a new palette of flavours. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit your favourite pub. Known as the black gold, the Baltic Porter is the first choice for those who want to give darker beers another chance. Plus, it comes with the NITRO effect.

To celebrate the Baltic Porter Day 2019, we have brewed a special version of this style: WRCLW Tonka, Vanilla and Chocolate Baltic Porter NITRO!

What we have added to this long-ageing dark bottom-fermenting beer with strong, malty core and subtler dark malty tone are such aromatic ingredients as cocoa, vanilla sticks, and tonka beans. This is a truly delicious beer of a velvety texture achieved by state-of-the-art nitrogen infusion. We could organize the International Day of the Baltic Porter just to drink our special brew.

Foodpairing. We suggest serving porters with roasted and grilled meats that match the caramel tones of the beer. Porters are to be served with beef stew, beef and game meat dishes. Spicy dishes and sauces are to balance the sweetness of this
style. As an alternative to pair the coffee aromas we recommend chocolate cakes, and dark chocolate desserts.

On Długosza Street we are going to offer porters with such intensely flavoured dishes as calamari tripe with toasted bread and sour beer cream. For deserts, we are offering tonka-based brownies with lemon sauce. Foodpairing is based on contrasting flavours.

Such thick and intense beers store as well as good wines. It is an excellent idea to get a few bottles and open them over a longer period of time (every half a year, ever year) to compare how the beer changes. First, the beer is going to bring to mind chocolate flavours. With time it is going to release aromas of porto, sherry, and dry fruit (prunes, raisins, and cherries). It’s an experience not to be missed! If stored in optimal conditions, the beer is going to take us by surprise with its rich aromas that get better with time, even after 5 or 20 years. Make sure the beer is stored in optimal conditions (temperature of about 10C, no exposure to sunlight) and it’s going to produce noble oxidization notes.

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