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Foodpairing lesson
at Browar Stu Mostów.

Place your bid!

Place your bid for a foodpairing lesson.

We are offering a foodpairing lesson run by Mateusz Gulej, the Head Brewer, and Michał Czekajło, the Chef at Browar Stu Mostów at the auction of the annual charity event, WOSP.

The lesson includes the best that craft has to offer: original recipes, unconventional foodpairing, and seasonal products. Plus, what’s most intriguing: a face-to-face contact with the head brewer and chef of the brewery. We are offering a dinner at the Brewery filled with treats for those interested in pairing craft beer and dishes.

For starters, we are serving a fruit and sour aperitif, and a real treat for dessert.

This meeting is of educational value as everything else that we do on Długosza Street. Please visit our auction. We are going to decide on the menu and set a date for the meeting together. You may choose the it as a way to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary. Why not the anniversary of last year’s dinner?  Here is the link to our last year’s auction:

To learn more about the WOSP event co-organized with the Wrocław Culinary Travels–

To learn more about our auction at the WOSP event co-organized with the Wrocław Culinary Travels – fbclid=IwAR0TFtx7GiR7HvzSxepurI0RR8j9-ASDN3sbasUbiJWr_5HHMzelpdzw1h8

Good luck!