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New Year’s Eve Party 2019


Two New Year’s Eve parties on Długosza Street!
Browar & Klub Stu!

Two Beer Craft New Year’s Eve parties!

This year we are throwing TWO Near Year’s Eve parties!

The first party is going to be organized in our pub with the theme of the red carpet. You’ll get a chance to dress up as your favourite film characters. There is also a unique possibility to mix and match flavours prepared by Michał Czekajło and the team of Concept Stu Mostów. The leading part is taken by craft beers available on ten taps. No limits! The price? PLN 250 per person.

The other party inludes a Craft Beer dinner held at the Club Room. This is an opportunity for us to promote the long-established craft beer tradition and foodpairing. We always show how to pair beers to go with specific dishes and offer comments and explanations. The New Year’s Eve party will have a unique atmosphere. We are going to share stories about how beer brings about the best flavours of a dish. The flavour of beer changes depending on what we have eaten. During the dinner consisting of five dishes we are going to serve six beers: aperitif, two beers to go with starters, two with mains and one dessert beer. After dinner we are going to offer three of our tap beers without limit, cocktail bar and cold snacks patters composed by Concept Stu Mostów produce. The price? PLN390 per person.

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