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New release of ART#22 DDH
DIPL brewed in collab with
Northern Monk!

Browar Stu Mostów in collaboration with Northern Monk

Meet our new release: DDH DIPL with light, American grist, corn and rice, double hopped with incredible amounts of intensely aromatic hops. This clear-profiled lager brewed on Długosza Street in collaboration with the fastest developing and most exciting brewery in Great Britain, Northern Monk known to be the English experts in hoppy beers, will take you by surprise. We have combined Northern Monk’s impressive experience in brewing aromatic IPAs and bottom fermenting beers.

DIPL, double india pale lager, strongly hopped to produce aroma. Cold double hopping has given the beer extra fruit character. We aimed at creating a unique but highly drinkable beer. We focused on lager as it dominates our part of Europe but we have enriched the recipe by a new-wave twist, which Northern Monk is well-known for.

While brewing DDH DIPL we have used the technology used to produce strongly hopped DDH DIPA-type beers in the process of bottom fermenting beers. The outcome is a beer super light in colour. The effect has been produced by corn groats and rice flakes (similarly to American Lager). The clear yeasty profile and intense hoppy aroma has been produced by cold double hopping by using HopGun. To learn more about our new release, please visit

Our specialty dish: goat-meat pierogi/ sour mustard sauce / kale
To celebrate our collaboration with the English brewery, we are serving goat-meat filled pierogi all weekend long. The intense meat flavour goes perfectly well with malt-based beers. In their form, pierogi match the light and clear profile of this style. They will be served with kale and sour mustard sauce. Mustard seeds pair ideally with citrus aromas of the hops we used. It’s recommended to taste the dish with Life Beyond the Metronome DDH Farmhouse IPA, our collab with the Wylam brewery. Both beers have been produced in the ALL ENGLISH format; strongly hopped.

Wylam/Browar Stu Mostów: Life Beyond the Metronome – DDH Farmhouse IPA
Yet another collaborative beer with the English brewery. This time it is Wylam! We have brewed a collaborative farmer’s beer fermented with saison yeasts and with acidifying malts. The beer has been double hopped with exceptionally aromatic hops: Centennial, Citra, Denali, and Simcoe. Citrus peels and fresh pine have produced a truly refreshing effect!

Track/Browar Stu Mostów: Ślęża – Double Brut IPA, Another Brut IPA
Another Brut IPA brewed in collaboration with the English Track Brewing; this time in a double hopped version! This light and refined beer has been brewed with abundance of aromatic American hops. The aroma is dominated with citrus and tropical fruit while wheat flakes give the beer its uniquely smooth texture.

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