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New release: WRCLW
Barley Wine NITRO
Rum BA 2018!

Barley Wine NITRO Rum BA 2018

On 1 November we are setting off another explosive mix! WRCLW Barley Wine NITRO Rum Barrel Aged 2018! Yet another strong beer aged in oak barrels that stored Belize rum, in a NITRO version!

Visit our brewery on Długosza Street on Thursday, November 1. Since it is the holiday, we are operating on Sunday hours from 2:00p.m. till 1:00a.m. as at any new release weekend.

To celebrate the release of the new barley wine we are bringing back our barley wine aged in rum barrels. Don’t miss the two tanks on taps available on Monday 29/10.

The special treat for foodies: goose breast / chestnut noodles / cherry-raspberry sauce. As one of the strongest beer styles, Barley Wine, needs to be paired with intense flavours. Wild game birds work perfectly well, specifically goose. The caramel, sponge cake and honey aromas go well with chestnut noodles and autumn season. Barrel-enhanced rum aromas go well with cherry sauce bringing to mind aromas of prunes, almonds, and raisins. Vanilla is added to enhance the tones produced by oak barrels.

Another two interesting beers mark the premiere.

Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 – strong Imperial Porter brewed with ginger, the Celtic Sea salt and cocoa beans. This is the style to match the wonderful weather that we are in for.

Taste the new release with American Quadrupel!

Jopen Doubting Thomas – this beer is recommended for colder days; it was brewed to celebrate the St.Thomas day that falls on 21/12. American hops enrich this style with fruity flavours.

Join us to taste it. More details at