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Stout Weekend!


Stout Weekend!
Imperial Stout NITRO!
Rye RIS with raspberries!

WRCLW Stout Weekend!

We are in for the release of WRCLW Imperial Stout NITRO – the first in Poland nitrogen- infused Imperial Stout. WRCLW Imperial Stout is coming back in a classic version as is WRCLW Rye RIS. We are releasing a new version of WRCLW Rye RIS with raspberries. Four exceptional beers and an opportunity to promote cooperation. We are going to host raspberry growers from Lower Silesia. We would like to invite berry growers from the regions of Lubelszczyzna, Mazowsze and Szczecin. Our goal is to promote highest quality Polish berries and expertise of craft brewers.


Rye RIS, strong in extract and character, has been brewed from 2015. This highly drinkable beer has been the first high extract beer in our brewing history. You surely remember this historic picture. We enjoy brewing it so much that every year when the weather starts cooling down we pour a new brew to kegs and bottles. This beer asks for patience–we brew it in spring time to let it balance and harmonize its profile till autumn. It is high time to taste the new brew!

WRCLW Raspberry Rye RIS

This year we are proud to present our Rye RIS in its ideal, fruity combination – with natural, pressed raspberry juice. Russian Imperial Stout, strong in extract and character, with coffee and chocolate tones meets sweet and sour aromatic raspberries. Together they have created a new, intense beer. Taste it! Don’t miss the chance to try its basic version. Join our meeting and tastings on Friday 19/10.

WRCLW Imperial Stout

It is the strongest beer we have brewed. Different from Rye RIS – sweet, thick, savoury. We use loads of roasted, chocolate and colouring malts which produce clear chocolate, nutty, coffee, and caramel tones. This is our hat trick: full of flavour, aromas, and alcohol. This is the beer to enjoy and contemplate its qualities.

WRCLW Imperial Stout NITRO

And to finish off with, an explosive mix: the first in Poland nitrogen infused Imperial Stout! We use state-of-the-art technologies to add nitrogen to this beer in order to change its texture. Nitrogen produces velvety texture and adds some lightness to this strong beer. The effect is electrifying! When poured quickly from the tap or bottle, the beer creates so called cascade effect. Nitrogen is released creating millions of miniature bubbles that form thick head impossible to achieve with CO2. This beer is exceptional. It is so thick, as if in slow motion. Don’t miss the effect. Taste this novelty and compare it with the „traditional”

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