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countdown to BGM7

Don’t miss our new release of SALAMANDER Citrus DDH DIPA

Half a year into the release at the Beer Geek Madness 6 – Intense, we have decided to bring back the memories and flavours. DDH DIPA in a new version and beers from Spanish breweries that we hosted in WRCLW in April. Culinary attractions will bring back the memories of #BGM6. We are starting the countdown to #BGM7 ️

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SALAMANDER Citrus DDH DIPA (Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale) with even more abundance of hops and citrus – this time we are mixing oranges, lemons and grapefruits. Super fruity and super hoppy!

In order to recreate the atmosphere of the 6th edition of BGM, we are going to serve one of the festival’s dishes on Długosza Street. Namely, beef ribs that were the bestselling dish during our April collaboration with Malte. This dish is going to go really well with the new release of Salamander Citrus DDH DIPA. We have added new sides. Mango salsa is going to enrich the citrus and tropical character of hops added during the ageing process whereas cardamom goes perfectly well with the Spanish dry tropical fruit. We are also going to add chilli peppers to highlight the style’s bitterness. We suggest you try the dish with Laugar Amarauna Hazy IPA, brewed in cooperation with our friends from Bilbao. Aromas of mango, peach, and orange together with pine flavours enrich the fruity tones of the dish.

To top it off, we are serving the explosive mixture of the Spanish craft. Rotating on the taps (randomly):

Edge – Padrino – American Porter
La Quince – Vanilla Black Velvet – Vanilla RIS
La Pirata – Pirate Hill – New England IPA
Naparbier – Hypnotic – Imperial IPA
Laugar – Amarauna – Hazy IPA

There will be a selection of bottled Spanish beers. The marked beers will be available in the Pub to celebrate the new release.

In Peccatum: – Buddah’s Hand

– Citrus DH Pale Ale – Round #1
– Extrahopped Farmhouse Pale Ale

La Pirata:

iAy, Carmela! – Imperial IPA Nutcase – Imperial Stout with hazel nuts, toffee and cocoa – Black Block Bourbon
– RIS Bourbon BA
– Hard Decision
– Oatmeal RIS – collaboration with Browar Stu Mostów
– 100 Ponts – Belgian IPA

La Quince:

– Evil is in A Midnight Mash
– Porter Bałtycki
– God Save The Extra Pale Ale
– APA – Street #1
– Session IPA
– Vanilla Black Velvet
– Vanilla RIS


– Aupa Tovarish
– Black Tundra
– RIS aged with cedar wood flakes
– Thriller
– RIS with coffee and coconut
– our collaboration
– Funky Espresso
– Coffee Sour Ale


– Sour Ale aged in barrels with the Spanish Amontillado
– Bagpiper
– American IPA fermented with three yeast types
– Fruitmagic Berrymagic
– Berliner Weisse with a mix of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries
– Hamabost
– Imperial IPA with 10 different hop varieties
– Pumpkin Tzar
– RIS with pumpkin and habanero peppers
– Willy el Tuerto
– RIS with coconut and vanilla

Double Dry Hopped DIPA is the fashionably current style. This is quite an innovative take on the DIPA style. It is slightly sweater, less strong, with intense hoppy aroma and balanced bitterness. The haziness of the beer brings to mind fruit juices. It is recommended to drink it superfresh; that’s when it tastes amazing. Aged with citrus fruit: lemons, oranges and grapefruit.

Although this is not one of the stronger IPA beers, alcohol contents are quite high. The beer is more full-bodied. Alcohol contents oscillate around the lower levels as for the DIPA style. The beer needs a smooth texture and slight haziness, both of which have been produced by wheat malts and oat flakes. Hops have been added at all brewing stages, loads of them.

What we have added to this already aromatic beer is a real explosive mix of dry citrus fruit produced by means of a unique Spanish technology. We have not added fruit peel but whole dwarf varieties of fruit that are first dried and then ground immediately. This accounts for their intense flavour and aroma of whole, juicy fruit. We have extracted citrus fruit using HopGun to produce ether oils, next we have separated them from the beer to prevent too much bitterness. The effect is electrifying! Such an intense citrus aroma and taste. Join us to taste it!