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New release: SALAMANDER
Gooseberry Milkshake IPA

on 11/10 a new fruity release of Browar Stu Mostów

This is the release you cannot miss: SALAMANDER Gooseberry Milkshake IPA premiers on the weekend of 11-14/10. Just like in milkshake we have combined intensely hopped American IPA, oat flakes, freshly squeezed gooseberry juice, aromatic vanilla and sweet lactose. This unusual mix will take you by surprise. Join us to taste it. More details at Gooseberry Milkshake Release at . What’s available on the taps in our pub on Długosza Street? We recommend you try Strawberry Milkshake IPA and Naparbier Milky Brain.

Our gooseberry milkshake is another variation on the bestselling fruit milkshake. Last weekend our strawberry ART#8 and Milkshake sold out the fastest during the La Pirata 3 rd Anniversary Party, where there were over 20 taps, a huge selection of the beers from local and international breweries. There were also more beer enthusiasts interested in Tasting Session than we had expected. Our promotion of berry fruit has been taken a step forward and our competencies in brewing with fruit have been well known.

Highly innovative style as it is, Milkshake IPA combines fruit, lactose and bitterness of AIPA, something we have not brewed before. And it is incredibly tasty! This style allows for free interpretation. Brewers mix various fruit, vary lactose proportions and experiment with extra ingredients. We are in love with this style and decided to make another version of it. This time we have used gooseberries. We have also added loads of precious vanilla sticks. The outcome? A sweet and sour vanilla-gooseberry milkshake! Enriched with the aromas of pineapple, citrus, and mango produced by American and Australian hops, the beer is counterbalanced with mid-level bitterness. It is incredible for the senses and it is ….delicious!