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Laugar Weekend
and collaborative brewing with
Laugar Brewery

Laugar Weekend and collaborative brewing with Laugar Brewery

Beginning with Thursday we are offering the collaborative brew and a series of events taking place in our pub. What you are going to find on the taps are Laugar beers specially delivered to celebrate the occasion. On Friday and Saturday Laugar and Stu Mostów at the Open Craft. On Monday we are starting the collaborative brewing on Długosza Street.

The latest release! Funky Espresso Coffee Sour Ale in collaboration with Laugar. This light beer lactic acid bacteria has a creamy texture brought about by rye and oat flakes. The amazing aroma of our latest collaborative brew has been achieved while ageing with loads of coffee from the iconic Right Side Coffee Roasters. Roasted coffee has enriched the sour profile of the beer. The release is on Friday in WRCLW, at Open Craft and selected pubs all over Poland. Pre-release on Thursday 9/08 at the Brewery.

To celebrate the first collaboration with the Laugar brewery we are serving a special dish inspired by the Basque cuisine! Anchovy / sautéed spinach / roasted peppers/ sour ale syrup. The fish goes really well with the creamy texture of the beer while roasted peppers highlight the coffee tones. The umami taste enriches the saturation and balances the alcohol contents whereas the sauce complements its sour character. With every sip you feel more refreshed and your taste buds are more stimulated before the next bite. You should also taste Laugar Coffee Brain on itself and check for yourself how the dish changes when paired with a different beer style!

We offer 4 taps with Laugar beers. Apart from the release, here are the beers we are going to offer:

Amarauna – Hazy IPA – a hoppy bomb filled with mango, peach, orange aromas enriched with pine tones. The taste is a mix of tropical fruit and subtle herbal tones. The beer pairs well with our chicken with cucumber and lemon balm sauce.

Coffee Brain – Session Stout – a light, delicate and refined stout with coffees from Brazil and Guatemala whose roasted tones balance the style’s sourness.

Braskadi – Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa, palo santo and raisins; one of the more popular beers offered at BGM6 Intense. This one is a heavy and full-bodied stout with vanilla, almond, honey and cinnamon tones.