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Join us for the Day of the Beer and Brewmaster!
Browar Stu Mostów, 5/08

Celebrate the Day of the Beer and Brewmaster!

Join us to celebrate the Day of the Beer and the Brewmaster bringing together generations of beer enthusiasts. We are going to open at 12:00 p.m. with a fresh tank of ART#9. Another attraction to enjoy during the recent heatwave is the Brewski Homeland: the refreshing, refined, sour and fruity berliner weisse brewed with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

It’s already the 6 th meeting of brewmasters at Browar Stu Mostów. Our annual meeting is a great reunion of professionals who used to work for the former breweries in Wrocław. If you know anyone interested in joining the reunion, please help them get in touch with us. Join us for the tour of the Brewery and the presentation of our achievements accomplished last year.

We remember well when former employees of the Wrocław breweries first visited the Brewery. We still cherish the picture commemorating the occasion taken in front of our impressive new tanks. Back then, they saw the brewery as a “small, compact gun-engine.” On Sunday we are going to present displacement of 10 thousand hl, as one of the biggest craft breweries in Poland. We are offering a tour and a presentation. We are going to present this year’s releases, export expansion, active promotion all over Europe, and our participation in the most important beer festivals. What’s more, we are proud to present the cover of the issue devoted to Poland of the biggest magazine for beer enthusiasts in Europe with the circulation of 50 thousand featuring our Salamander. We are going to share stories from collaborative brewing with top breweries and our forthcoming projects in England: collaborative brewing with Track Brewing, Northern Monk, and Wylam. We will focus on the production of fruit beers and their spectacular releases; the Beer Bridges that involve collaborative brewing, exchange of experiences, and enriching the beer culture. The Beer Bridges usually involve the culinary bridge as well resenting the heritage, beer customs and trends. Collaborative brewing opens up a chance to explain the roots of the craft beer revolution and show the Polish brewing traditions that go 800 years back. We will surly share our experiences with participation at the elite Beer Geek Madness, the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, and Oktobeerfest Alternative. Finally, we are going to reveal some secrets related to our expansion that’s been planned for August. We are proud to present our Foodpairing Centre with brand new space for workshops, tastings, dinners organized for both professionals and these new to the field of craft beer.

Visit us on 5 August at 12:00 p.m. RSVP. To find out more about the event please contact Katarzyna Chlebus at 600715572 or . If you’re planning to visit us, make sure to watch the first impressions of the first visit of the former employees at our Brewery on Długosza Street –