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Hospitality: national trait or vice?
Sunday 12:00

See for yourself what hospitality means on Długosza Street

The culinary art in Poland has been flourishing for the last few years. Not to mention, the craft brewing industry that has been booming right in front of our eyes. During the early stage the focus has been on the quality of the produced brews. This young industry has already had a great impact on shaping our tastes and attitudes, free time activities, and the HoReCa offers. Specifically in WRCLW, the city whose brewing traditions date 800 years back. The issue of hospitality, marketing, and customer experience with craft beers has been of great importance to the whole sector. This is the reason why we have arranged for a birthday gift: the meeting about “Hospitality” that should give all of us an impulse to grow.

Our special guests include Patrycja Siwiec and Adam Pawłowski, the authors of the bestselling book “Hospitality” devoted to the issue of how to provide professional services and how hospitability leads to the culinary success. The meeting is held under the auspices of Radio Wrocław and Radio RAM.Visit us on Sunday 22 July between 12:00 and 2:00p.m.

Here are the questions we’d like to ask: is hospitality our national trait or vice? How to be hospitable? What does it take for hospitality to be appreciated? Is hospitality the key to success in the culinary world?

What does hospitality mean for owners, managers, and chefs? How about waiters who face customers and bartenders who stay behind the bar by definition?

The experts are going to share their secrets about what increases your income and tips; what being well-served means; what it takes to become a good waiter or bartender; what the difficulties are of anyone wanting to get off the beaten track in order to be more hospitable; what the first step involves. These are the topics we are hoping to discuss with our experts, who are going to share the most practical tips. We are in for an incredible meeting. You can’t miss it.

Sign up through evenea on a first come, first served basis: Price: PLN20 per person.

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