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Birthday Celebrations


Time to start celebrating
the second birthday of
Concept Stu Mostów!

Celebrating the second birthday of Concept Stu Mostów!

Join the meeting that is likely to change the world. We have brought together restaurateurs, managers, best waiters and bartenders of the WRCLW culinary scene. Our special guests are Patrycja Siwiec and Adam Pawłowski, authors of the bestselling “Hospitality”. The first in Poland publication devoted to how to provide professional services and how hospitality leads to the culinary success. The meeting’s host is Michał Hamburger. The event is held under the auspices of Radio Wrocław and Radio RAM. Visit us on Sunday 22 July between 12:00p.m. and 2:00p.m. It’s a chance to promote WRCLW and craft brewing. Don’t miss it. Sign up through evenea on a first come, first served basis: Price: PLN20 per person.

The first big attraction: BEER+ workshops. First, pretzels, then preserves and beef!

Up to 10 participants; 2 hours long. Sing up at Concept. Here are the three workshops:

BEER+ Pretzels �� – 17.07, 7:00p.m. Producing pretzels, kneading and shaping the dough proofing, baking. Every participant is going to make one pretzel and eat another one during the workshop. We are going to serve two beers to go with the pretzel and explain the idea behind the foodpairing. We’d like to show our approach to one of the oldest culinary arts, i.e. baking. We are going to explain how to pair baking products with beer, which is our specialty! You are going to learn which products from the brewery can be used in baking to achieve beer-like character. You’ll get to know an insider’s look to baking: mixing, forming and baking. Workshop run by Michał Czekajło. Price: PLN100/per person.

BEER+ Preserves – 18.07, 7:00p.m. Preserves: a show of mayonnaise production; mixing, preparation process from producing a jar to a label. We are going to explain how to make other preserves. To finish off with, we are going to sample preserves, bread, and rolls baked on the spot. You are going to learn how to make our secret jars and what goodies they contain, how many of the ingredients come from the brewing process, what bread and beer they go with best; what the craft and mass production is all about. All the answers are included in the workshop run by Iza Antoniewicz. Price: PLN100/per person.

BEER+ Meat – 19.07, 7:00p.m. Beef: sharing knowledge about beef quality, origins, cuts, and trimming methods. We are going to share wet and dry meat seasoning methods and finish off with sampling beef as prepared by the workshop leading chefs. We are going to offer snacks and two beers to go with the beer. The chef is going to talk about beef selection and quality; what beef we buy and prefer and why; what dry and wet seasoning is all about; we are going to show you special beef cabinets and explain storing conditions. We will also share the secrets of beef preparation in the style of the Basque Country. At the very end, we are going to cut, fry and eat the beef paired with proper beer styles. Workshop run by Michał Czekajło. Price: PLN160/per person.

A 2-hour long workshop Sign up at Concept!

Special tours
Come visit our Concept. Learn how we use raw and semi-products used in brewing in cooking. It’s worth remembering we use beer, wort, malts and brewer’s grains to produce pretzels, breads and mustard. It makes a difference in taste and smell our products. Mark your calendars: Saturday 21 July at 2:00p.m. and 4p.m.

Celebrating the second birthday of Concept Stu Mostów

We have prepared loads of attractions including pretzels baked from various beer brews; a movie-inspired barbecue on Friday and Saturday; a birthday brunch and birthday cake on Sunday. Stay tuned and follow our FB event:


Take part in our birthday lottery. Everybody who does shopping at Concept Stu Mostów for the minimum of PLN50, is going to take part in prize drawing. Please bring your coupon with you to the Concept Stu Mostów during the birthday weekend (21-22 July). Prizes include: a voucher for persons for breakfast at Concept Stu Mostów, an invitation for 2 for a tour around
the Brewery, a beer six-pack, a beer glass with the Brewery’s logo, a T-shirt with WRCLW or SALAMANDER logo. Rules and regulations of the special offer available at Concept or
follow the link:

You can’t miss it!