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The Second Birthday


Celebrate the Second Birthday
of Concept Stu Mostów

The Second Birthday of Concept Stu Mostów

Join us to experience a variety of attractions we have prepared to celebrate the second birthday of Concept Stu Mostów. The celebrations are going to be just like the last two years of our operations: unassuming, committed, with a mission! Join our celebrations!

1. Sure, we are serving pretzels! Every day baked with a different beer type!

We have started baking beer pretzels since the very beginning. They have become an integral part of the beer culture of WRCLW and an important spot on the Map of Polish Flavours. Our yeast and malt-based pretzels smell like pils-style beer, and stay fresh and crispy for a long time. The birthday concept is to prepare them with the use of a different beer style each day. We are going to inform you which particular beer to draw your attention to the difference in taste. Just like in beer tastings, we are going to start with lighter brews to finish off with stronger ones.

2. BEER+ workshops on the menu! From pretzels, through preserves, to beef!

Up to 10 participants, 2 hours long workshops. Sign up at Concept. Here are the three workshops offered:

  • Pretzels: producing pretzels, kneading and shaping the dough, proofing, baking. Every participant is going to make one pretzel and eat another one during the workshop. We are going to serve two beers to go with the pretzel and explain the idea behind the foodpairing. Workshop run by Michał Czekajło. Price: 100 zł/per person.
  • Preserves: a show of mayonnaise production; mixing, preparation process. We are going to explain how to make other preserves. To finish off with, we are going to sample preserves, bread, and rolls baked on the spot. Workshop run by Iza Antoniewicz. Price: 100 zł/per person.
  • Beef: sharing knowledge about beef quality, origins, cuts, and trimming methods. We are going to share wet and dry meat seasoning methods and finish off with sampling beef as prepared by the workshop leading chefs. We are going to offer snacks and two beers to go with the beer. Workshop run by Michał Czekajło. Price: 160 zł/per person.

3. Birthday Brunch and Birthday Cake of Concept Stu Mostów – Saturday, Sunday till 2:00 p.m.

This weekend we are serving a birthday brunch. On the menu: wafers with dulce de leche, sunflower seeds spread, an omelet as prepared by the Chef’s Grandma, lemonades based on wort and hops, and the Birthday Cake for dessert! Everything served as all-you-can-eat-buffet with a one-off fee (35 zł). Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-2:00p.m. Sunday: 9:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Here is the menu:

  • Honey-glazed bacon – exclusive version of bacon, perfectly roasted, slightly sweet, super crunchy and meaty. To eat with eggs and bread.
  • Poached eggs – high quality eggs from the best and safe source. Nothing to worry about.
  • Sunflower seeds spread– an excellent spread for breakfast but not only. The strong flavour of seeds is balanced with sauerkraut juice.
  • Cucumber salsa– the most refreshing vegetable option that pairs well with every dish; cucumber cubes and super fresh sauce make a fantastic breakfast dish.
  • Smoked cheese – a well-known cheese spread with a smoky tone!
  • Wafers with dulce de leche–it’s a real meal. Wafers are going to be small so that you can have it under control. Dulce de leche, everybody’s favourite, to top off wafers.
  • Fava beans with butter– the great fava, our favourite dish served with butter as a snack or main dish.
  • Raspberry omelet (“Chef’s Grandma’s Omelet”) –an omelet as prepared by Michał Czekajło’s grandmother. “eaten with juice straight from a jar; fried on a special frying pan; this omelet is two in one: breakfast and dessert; soft and delicious!”
  • Radishes in nettle oil – spicy radishes in nettle oil; super healthy vegan breakfast.

4. Our famous barbecue – Friday, Saturday till 10:00 p.m.

Friday 5:00p.m. – 10:00 p.m., Saturday 2:00 p.m.– 10:00 p.m. Here is our barbecue menu:

Simental beef burgers/ pretzel bun / cheddar cheese / beer sauce. Burger made of a culinary type of beer; ideal proportions of meat to fat. Bun made of pretzel dough; cheddar cheese; goes well with beer. The beer sauce combines all flavours.

Malty baguette / black seed oil / cottage cheese / grilled asparagus. Rustic-style malty baguette; Black seed oil butter; slightly roasted asparagus give the baguette a refreshing and vegetable flavours.

Salad with seeds / vinaigrette with hops and grapefruit. Salad with seeds and strong and aromatic vinaigrette sauce which gives the dish its flavours. We are serving the salad with various products but it is going to keep its vegetarian style.

Goat-cheese ice-cream with malt cookies. These slightly sweet and salty ice-cream melt well and are full of flavors; made of goat cheese and mature goat cheese; malty cookies taste like home-made oatmeal cookies; great dessert.

We are offering a roll-bar and three taps.

5. Talking about hospitality of the Beer Capital with Patrycja Siwiec and Adam Pawłowski

Join the meeting with the authors of the culinary bestseller of the year. “Hospitality” is a practical manual for restaurateurs, managers, waiters and bartenders. The first in Poland publication devoted to how to provide professional services and how hospitability leads to the culinary success. On Sunday 22 July, after a special presentation of culinary experts there will be a possibility to talk with the authors and receive an autograph. The book by Patrycja Siwiec and Adam Pawłowski will be available at Concept during the entire week. More info at

If you work in the field of customer services and feel like participating in the meeting – please contact: 600 715 572, 531 991 571

6. Lottery

Take part in our birthday lottery. Everybody who does shopping at Concept Stu Mostów for the minimum of PLN50, is going to take part in prize drawing. Please bring your coupon with you to the Concept Stu Mostów during the birthday weekend (21-22 July).


– voucher for persons for breakfast at Concept Stu Mostów
– an invitation for 2 for a tour around the Brewery
– a beer six-pack
– a beer glass with the Brewery’s logo
– a T-shirt with WRCLW or SALAMANDER logo.

Rules and regulations of the special offer available at Concept or follow the link;

7. Special tours

Visit our kitchen and we’ll show you how it works at Concept, where we focus on reusing raw or semi-finished products. The products we use at the Brewery such as beer, wort, malts and brewer’s grain are also reused in the production of pretzels, bread and mustards. Good quality products make a difference. They bring about the best flavours and aromas of our specialties. Mark to dates: Saturday 21 July 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Visit us!

22 July Patrycja Siwiec and Adam Pawłowski at Browar Stu Mostów