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WRCLW Barley Wine


WRCLW Barley Wine
Porto & Bourbon Double
B.A. 2017 → 28/06-1/07

The strongest premiere this summer!

The bridge established between beer, wine and bourbon. Barley Wine is one of the strongest beer styles known for rich aromas of caramel, sponge cake and honey malts. The world of the American liquors is represented by whisky and wine double aged in Porto and Bourbon barrels. The ageing process in barrels accounts for enhancing the beer aromas with vanilla, coconut, and dark red wine tones. The flavours of oak wood, porto and whisky make it one of the most refined and multilayered beers. Join us to take the first sip!

Foodpairing! We are going to offer ham maturing for 21 months, caramelized pineapple Ementaler-type cheese sauce with rye and grains chips. These three treats are going to make a snack tray to pair with the bourbon aroma. Sweet and sour fruit, aromatic and slightly spicy cheese, slightly salty and spicy ham.

The release always opens up an opportunity to understand beer brewing more. This time we are going to talk more about the barrel ageing process. Except for the meeting with our brewers, we’d like to invite you for a meeting with an expert who is going to explain how to sample whiskey. We are going to give a special tour of the Brewery in which we are going to compare the production technology of beer and bourbon! Thursday 27/06; 6 p.m. Sign up at Evenea –

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