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Rye RIS Porto
and Bourbon
Double B.A. 2017 in WRCLW

Rye RIS Porto and Bourbon Double B.A. 2017 premieres in WRCLW

Visit us to taste the already well known and appreciated WRCLW Rye RIS in twice as interesting version as before. This time the beer has been aged in two barrels, one used to store Porto and the other Bourbon. Considered a refined drink, Porto accounts for such malty tones as coffee, chocolate, caramel and velvety rye. Ageing in Porto and Bourbon barrels releases refined vanilla, coconut, dried dark fruit tones and aromas of port wine and American whiskey.

Barrel-aged beers absorb the qualities of the alcohol previously stored in the barrels. Tawny Porto accounts for the beer’s slight acidity, deep aroma of red fruit: blackberries, cherries and raspberries, as well as spices such as cinnamon and cloves.  Bourbon barrels produce intense vanilla aromas enriched with coconut and spice overtones.

The process of ageing beer in barrels is an incredible experience. First, during beer oxidization process, flavour and aroma balance, porto, sherry and dried fruit flavours (prunes, raisins, cherries) come to light. Alcohol tones slightly fade away. Finally, as the beer matures in the barrel, which is not a tight container, water evaporates more quickly than other ingredients. This effect is known as the “angel’s share.”

The complexities and multiple layers of WRCLW Rye RIS Porto and Bourbon Double B.A. 2017 can be savoured in various temperatures. We recommend serving it in a slightly lower temperature of about 10°C and warming it up in your palms up to about 18°C. Visit us to taste it!