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Craft Concept Stu Mostów
Easter 2018

What’s your Concept of Easter?

Here is ours: root vegetables and brewers’ grain pate; beef pate; Tatar sauce with capers based on our home-made mayonnaise and mustard; rye bread with horseradish; white sausage with marjoram pesto to be served for Easter breakfast and to pair with beer. Our products are fresh, natural, and aromatic. Each of them can be ordered separately or as an Easter set prepared on the spot. The offer is limited so don’t wait with making your order. Orders taken by Monday 26/03 by email:

An unconventional approach to traditional Polish food

Michał Czekajło, the chef at Browar Stu Mostów and Concept Stu Mostów, has contributed to the organization of an exceptional dinner held at the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (27/02). The dinner has been prepared from usually disregarded or wasted ingredients as part of the Nowe Epifanie festival. The curator of the event is Monika Kucia, who promotes the best of Polish cuisine in an unconventional, often performative form. Michał has presented dishes prepared from side products of craft brewing: bread, brewers’ grains cookies, bread soup, whey drink, salty vegetable peels, and aspic. Find out about this exceptional project at

Promoting craft beer culture and our culinary identity

The identity of WRCLW, Lower Silesia and Poland. We are raising awareness of craft brewing and the idea of original taste wherever we go. We support and bring together brewers and local food producers. Visit the Beer Geek Madness in WRCLW to celebrate the Polish- Spanish weekend! On Friday 6 April, we are going to have the first culinary collaboration in the history of our brewery as part of the Polish-Spanish Beer Bridge. Our partner is MALTE, from Galicia. To learn more about the 2017 Beer Bridges go to