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BERLIN. Debut at the world’s biggest
fruit expo!

We are here to promote the success of craft and creative thinking of Polish berry producers.

SALAMANDER Blueberry Berliner Weisse has made its debut at the world’s biggest fruit and vegetable expo, Fruit Logistica. It is yet another beer bridge between beer and fruit. On the one hand, craft is promoted among producers and, on the other hand, knowledge about fruit varieties is promoted among craft brewers.

The event has brought together producers and berry importers present at the Berlin Expo. Special guests included the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin, the Association of Polish Fruit Growers; The Polish Association of Fruit and Vegetables Producers. The official part was an excellent opportunity to promote craft brewing. We have promoted the fact that people expect more; they expect natural ingredients and consequently better aromas, and better taste. Poland craft brewers brew such beers and they know how to do it well. Our activity in terms of establishing beer bridges and promoting quality product has been appreciated.

Concept Stu Mostów has organized a foodpairing banquet. We have served snacks to go with our beers. Smoked cheese and fried blueberry dumplings; blueberry molasses with beer baked beetroots; a sweet and distinct dish served in a jar with a wooden spoon; spent grain cookies with blueberries and salty caramel. Michał Czekajło has supervised the preparations in person.

We have had great fun. At BRLO the celebrations were slightly less formal. We hosted many international guests. It’s a small world. We’ve got a lot in common. We are happy to be promoting the city of Wrocław, which is an excellent place for craft breweries. Our newly released brew is the outcome of the collaboration that attracts producers to Wrocław with their knowledge on flavours and varieties of grown fruit. This is a cooperation that Poland needs. Working together with berry growers, we are able to brew beers that taste well and taste like typical Polish specialties. This is exactly what makes beers so unique. We are also happy to see the media coverage.

Craft beers and Polish berries have recently been considered as Polish export trademark. Both sectors focus on product quality and innovation. We have discovered the cooperation, business, export, and image potential. Our partner is Polish Berry Cooperative, which is the leading berry producer in Europe, leader of the Polish expansion in Asia, and the pioneer of sector integration in Poland. They have been the founder and promoter of the highest standards of berry harvesting.

We have been building beer bridges between beer and fruit. We highly appreciate farmers’ experience, and expertise in the field of qualities and varieties section. Such cooperation model has been very effective and we are going to continue our collaboration. There is a great potential in collaborating with berry growers. It’s just the beginning.

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