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The Beer Bridge with Berlin’s BRLO
and the winter debut of Glühbier!

The Beer Bridge with Berlin bears amazing fruit!

Glühbier, our version of the “mulled” beer brewed in cooperation with BRLO! This collaborative beer brewed in the Berlin-based brewery has strong malty foundations. During its ageing process, we have added some Polish fruit: prunes, dry apple and pears, and acidified the mix with lemon juice. The final outcome is aromatic beer ideal for cold winter nights to be drunk cold and warmed up. That’s what we call a real winter debut!

Available in tanks only, the beer is going to be served in Kontynuacja, Fermentum in Poznań, Kufle i Kapsle, Chmielarnia, Same Krafty, and Jabeerwocky in Warszawa. And on Długosza, of course. Visit us to give it a try!

The collaboration between WRCLW and BRLN has always borne amazing fruit. Our first collaborative brew, ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse, has initiated the comeback of the Berliner Weisse style and set the trend for fruit-based beers. It has been named the most waited for brew of the BRLO Brwfest. The most recent collaborative beer has been sold out really fast. Our cooperation involves promotion support, numerous joint projects, and visits. Interestingly enough, we are off to Berlin in the next two weeks to launch a great joint promotional project. Details coming soon.