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18 LAT?

OF 18?

WOSP 2018


The Great Orchestra of Christmas charity
and an auction for a dinner for two
with Michał and Mateusz!

As good as it gets! Even more than the beer!

We are going to participate in this year’s edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity offering an auction for two with the company of Michał Czekajło, the Chef, and Mateusz Gulej, the Head Brewer at Browar Stu Mostów. We are offering seasonal menu and paired with the best beers. Every beer style has something else to offer. We are going to explain the role a well-selected beer plays in enriching both the dish and the drink. At the dinner we are going to get to know the rules and how to break them to achieve an interesting result. We always use local and seasonal produce. Now, it’s the season for well-selected beef, chevon and sturgeon. The menu is to be decided by the winners. The dinner is going to be organized on a selected date. This could be an anniversary or any other occasion to celebrate. There is just one condition: you must win the auction!

The auction is organized under the auspices of Wrocławskie Podróże Kulinarne.

Here is some background of the Brewery if you take part in an auction from a distant destination and consider the dinner as an opportunity to visit WRCLW. Opened in December 2014 on Długosza Street, Browar Stu Mostów is the first urban craft brewery established in modern WRCLW. Today it is the most frequently visited craft brewery in Poland. Our main attraction is the open pub from where you can observe the brewing process and get to know the difference between commercial and craft production. For years, we have been the leader in the number of international collaborations. Only last year we hosted brewers from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Not only do the collaborative projects encourage cooperation and exchange of experiences, but also enrich beer culture. To find out more please go to The Salamander and ART series are well appreciated by beer enthusiasts. The beer is available within 30 km from our headquarters, selected pubs in Poland and exported to more than 10 countries including Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark and recently England.

The dinner is going to be held at Concept Stu Mostów, a creative space where craftsmen, chefs, bakers and a cheesemaker produce dishes and preserves with the use of beer, wart, malts, and brewers’ grains. The production at Concept is correlated with the brewing process at the Brewery. Every day we bake sourdough bread and malt pretzels. Preserves and seasonal beef are served for breakfast. Everything we produce is offered as take-away or can be consumed on the spot. We challenge traditional flavours. We enjoy explaining the philosophy behind our project. It’s well worth a visit.

If you love good beer, good food and good deeds – take part in the auction!