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ART#15 Vanilla and Chocolate
Hot Scotch Ale premiers 14-17/12

The hot test debut this year!

This beer will surly keep you warm on cold winter nights. Brewed in collaboration with Jopen, ART#15 Vanilla and Chocolate Hot Scotch Ale with chocolate, vanilla, gingerbread, this beer naturally pairs with Christmas dishes and festive atmosphere. Cheers to Merry Christmas, with a spicy twist!

Just a few words about the beer style. It is darker, stronger beer whose origins go to Scotland where it was fermented and aged in lower temperatures to enrich its malty profile. The beer is filled with cereal, bread, roasted chocolate tones. Its basic version has been often called boring but this is certainly not the case of our collaborative brew! We have spiced up the aroma with an abundance of Mexican vanilla sticks and cocoa beans. The Mexican vanilla is a bit smaller than its Madagascar counterpart but its flavor is more intense, which goes well with cocoa beans. The taste has been spiced up with fresh Habanero peppers. It is a real treat for chili chocolate lovers. This aromatic and sweet beer warms you up instantly and boosts endorphin levels. More about the style, malts and hops at

As the tradition has it, the debut is always a real feast. As we do not want to compete against Christmas dishes in mid-December, we are going to serve chili con carne, chocolate noodles with lime cream. Here is the invitation to the hottest and last premiere this year taking place between December 14 and 17:

The flavor of ART#15 makes the beer a part of many corporate Christmas dinners. Chefs recommend it to be paired with wild forest mushroom pierogis, fried carp, desserts such as kutia, traditional Polish cereal and dry fruit dish, poppy seed cake. Join us to taste ART#15. Cheers to Merry Christmas, with a spicy twist!

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