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ART#13 to make its debut in Poznan, WRCLW and Kraków, 16-19/11

ART#13 Pumpkin and Bread Ale makes its debut in the season of autumn leaf colour!

Art#3 is a collaborative project of Browar Stu Mostów and PINTA brewery. Visit our stand at the Poznań Beer Expo 16 – 18 November. We are starting at 4:00 p.m. The beer is going to be on taps in Kraków at Viva la PINTA and in the pub of Browar Stu Mostów in WRCLW.

It’s the first bread and pumpkin beer we have brewed! We roasted Hokkaido-type pumpkins, and divided them into 3 parts, two of which were added to the brewing tank, while the third part was added during the lagering process in order to intensify the pumpkin aroma. The special mix of dry bread baked by Concept Stu Mostów, wheat and rye breads, rolls as well as beer pretzels produced the unique cereal and bread taste. The style is spice up with such warming up spices as cinnamon, ginger, all spice, and nutmeg.

Bread enhances the unique flavour of beer and produces the unique aroma of toasted bread. We have used every single type of bread baked at the brewery’s bakery, Concept Stu Mostów: wheat, rye, and wheat-rye breads; beer pretzels; wheat rolls – our breads are baked with the use of natural bread starters that give the flavour of slight sourness.

We have added loads of pumpkin. It is the first in Poland beer brewed with such an abundance of pumpkin added. To save the pumpkin aroma in our beer we used HopGun to add freshly cleaned out, roasted and mixed Hokkaido pumpkins to the already brewed beer. This is the best way to enhance the otherwise subtle aroma of pumpkin.

Spices bring to mind the aroma of a pumpkin cake. All spices were added with the use of HopGun to produce its best flavours in low temperatures that save ether oils.

To learn more about the style, malts, hops and extra ingredients please read the info on the beer style at:

Daniel van der Slikke (who cooperated with us in brewing Polished Black Gold) and Jaap Litjens, two brewers representing Jopen are going to join our team at the Poznań Beer Expo, where they are going to exhibit. Visit our joint stand in Poznań. We are going to work on our collaborative brew.

The Wrocław debut of ART#13 Bread and Pumpkin Ale is scheduled to take place on Długosza Street. We are going to serve a special menu on the day of the premiere including green pepper shredded beef; malt-coated calamari in lemon sauce; long and heavy slightly sweet pumpkin baguette baked with a huge amount of pumpkin. These two dishes which show how to pair different flavours with interesting bread. Seasoned beef, soft and subtle, malt-coated calamari with natural juices. Cooked for a long time, the sauce is based on our beer. You will find more food-pairing recommendations of Concept Stu Mostów at