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The Beer Bridge between Brewski and WRCLW.
Collaborative brewing in WRCLW
coming up on 19/10

Collaborative brewing with Brewski! Thursday 19/10

Join us to see the collaborative brewing or Meet the Brewer. At 7p.m. we are hosting a meeting with Fredrik Fölster who is going to share some stories about the collaborative brew and the Beer Bridge between WRCLW and one of the most interesting breweries on the craft scene.

Brewski has become world famous for its tropical fruit IPAs. Their attitude to brewing has become legendary and earned the name of a craft icon. Interestingly enough, they are proud of one beer whose recipe has been perfected after brewing 60 beers. Please join us to learn more and ask more questions.

To learn more about the famous work ethics, common sense, focus and perfectionism that can motivate to work harder but also take away all the fun please read the interview posted on our website. Here is the link

Please join us for the Scandinavian evening with Brewski. On Thursday we are serving prawn sandwiches that sold like hot cakes during the takeover. Served with homemade rolls and passion fruit mayo by Concept Stu Mostów. On the side the iconic Scandinavian meatballs served with light fish sauce and young potatoes salad.

Brewski is also famous for its outstanding design. Within the Scandinavian Beer Bridge we are offering at least a few beers on Długosza Street. There is going to be plenty opportunity to talk and taste them on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we are going to show our collaborators the craft side of WRCLW, on Thursday we are serving beers on Długosza Street. Join us to taste the difference! Keep your fingers crossed.