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Visit Browar Stu Mostów on October 4

See true colours of Polish collaborative brew this fall season!

The first pumpkin and bread ale is being brewed in collaboration with PINTA. ART#13 Pumpkin and Bread Ale!

We are going to use the Hokkaido-type pumpkins, cut them up with the peel and clean them out before roasting them with cane sugar. It’s all being done to achieve that unique aroma. Then, we are going to mix it up and divide into 3 parts, two of which are going to be added to the brewing tank, while the third part is going to be added during the lagering process in order to intensify the pumpkin aroma. We are going to spice it up with such warming up spices as cinnamon, ginger, all spice, and nutmeg.

We are taking a fresh look on the pumpkin ale. A special mix of dry bread baked by Concept Stu Mostów, wheat and rye breads as well as beer pretzels that we have been drying for some time now, is going to enrich the beer’s flavour and produce unique taste that brings to mind cereal and bread.

The collaborative brew starts on Wednesday. Visit the brewery! We are planning to have Meet the Brewers at about 7:00 p.m. Here are the beers that will take over our taps:

1. PINTA Miesiąca – September 2017: Oktoberfest IPA – Autumn Brown IPA. Extract: 16.5% by weight. Alc. 7.0% by volume. Sponge cake flavour with a touch of milky chocolate, toffee and toasted bread. Intense hopping; bitterness, aroma; cold brewed with the citrus classics: Citra®, Mosaic® and Galaxy. Aged with roasted oak flakes that have brought about wooden, nutty, and liqueur tones.

2. PINTA Raj z rajs – style: Double Galaxy Rice IPA, extract: 19.1% by weight. alc: 7.9% by volume IBU: 89. Exceptionally light and full-bodied – double rice IPA stands for a real contrast between colour and intensity. Double the amount of rice, double the amount of light Pilsner malts, double the amount of the Australian variety of the Galaxy hops.

3. PINTA Angielskie Śniadanie – style: Extra Special Bitter, extract: 14.0% by weight., alcohol: 5.3% by volume. Full of English malts and hops. Super traditional Extra Special Bitter (ESB). Need anything nutritious? PINTA English Breakfast is an exceptionally thirst quenching beer to celebrate special occasions. The foundation is made with Maris Otter barley and huge amount of Kent Golding. Drink cold. Best at weekends.

4. PINTA Viva la Wita! – style: Imperial Witbier, extract: 16.5% by weight, alcohol: 5.7% by volume, IBU: 35. Happy and rich white beer. Oriental spices, refreshing oranges, velvety wheat and huge amounts of aromatic hops from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the USA. A pint of sensations with lower alcohol contents. Enjoy Imperial Witbier! Enjoy life. PINTA Viva la Wita! – extra Witbier happy!

5. Pinta and O’Hara’s Irish Craft Beers – from Lublin to Dublin 2017, Rye Stout – brewed in Ireland; hopped with the Polish hop varieties of Lubelski and Marynka. A continuation of Stouts brewed in collaboration with O’Hara’s. Intensively roasted; coffee flavours.
There are two bottled beers:
1. PINTA Imperator Bałtycki – style: Imperial Baltic Porter; extract: 24.7% by weight., alcohol: 9.1% by volume; IBU: 109. Baltic Porter – dark, strong lager; treasure of Poland brewed by several Polish brewery in its classic version: 20*Plato extract. Our Imperial Baltic is a dark giant brewed from PINTA Imperator Bałtycki malts and hops. A beer to feast on.

2. PINTA Kwas Gamma – style: Raspberry Sour – Extract: 13.1% by weight, alcohol: 5.0% by volume, IBU: 22. Another beer on the map of sour beer styles. This time brewed with fresh raspberry juice from 1000 kg raspberries. The juice has given Gamma its delicious colour, fruity smell and complex malty-sour raspberry flavour. PINTA Kwas Gamma – dessert with no sugar added!