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Meet the Brewer
after collaborative brewing with
the Norwegian HaandBryggeriet 15/09

Collaborative brewing with HaandBryggeriet

Join us for the Meet the Brewer event after the Friday collaborative brewing with the Norwegian brewery HaandBryggeriet.

Known as one of the best breweries in Scandinavia, HaandBryggeriet has been involved in many collaborations beginning with De Molen to the recent collaborative brew the Stone and BrewDog breweries. What they brew is a wide range of traditional and new-wave beers including barrel-aged or fruit sour brews. The main goal of our collaboration is to brew beer that will join our forces in terms of fruit usage in beer brewing. Hence, the Fruit Ale. Our choice is the Polish strawberry, whereas the Norwegian’s go for mango. Jointly we have agreed on raspberry which produces intriguing sourness. Join us to meet the brewers from both breweries on Friday at 7:00 p.m. We are going to share some stories about the fruitiest beer we have brewed so far! You are going to learn why we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our goal without a new centrifuge.

The collaborative weekend is going to be a great attraction. Five of our taps are going to be taken over by HaandBryggeriet. We have 6 beers. The first is going to be on offer on Thursday. Which one? It is for you to decide. Vote on your favourite till noon on Thursday. Friday 15/09 Meet the Brewer with the brewers from HaandBryggeriet and Browar Stu Mostów.

Thursday night is the opening night!

  • Dark Force – wheat Imperial Stout with coffee, chocolate and melanoids. Wheat grist fermented with the Weizen yeast; possible banana aroma if it comes to the fore. Full- bodied, chocolate, slightly roasted, clear bitterness.
  • Tindbic Vintage 2016 – sour oakwood-barrel aged beer with buckhorn; notes of stables, horse blanket typical for wild yeast strains. Sour, buckhorn fruity; slightly sweet but highly sour. Full Sour Ale. Oakwood barrel tones.
  • Raspberry Export Stout – oakwood barrel aged; dessert beer with raspberry, coffee, and chocolate flavours. The aroma promises sweetness, but with a refined taste. Slightly sweet, highly bitter, really roasty. Finishes with wood and ash notes.
  • Odin’s Tipple – black, cloudy, non-transparent, oily. Malty aroma (black coffee, bitter chocolate, cocoa, dry fruit, caramel, nuts, crusty toasts), slightly hoppy (citrus, resin). While warmed up, its sour and wild notes come to the fore. Taste: full, malty dominated by the coffee and chocolate aromas with nutty and fruity tones. Pleasant, hoppy bitterness (citrus, resin balanced with yeasty sourness.
  • Fyr & Flamme – Stylish AIPA; well-balanced; highly drinkable; hoppy; resinous aromas built on the honey and caramel foundation.
  • Humlekanon – a real hoppy cannonball. Exceptional IBU – 160, cold fermentation. Aromas of citrus, tropical fruit and resin. Strongly bitter, fruitiness gives way to herbal and resinous tones.