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Tap Takeover on Długosza Street!

Special offer Thursday 31/08

As announced before, we are hosting the Brewski tap takeover right after our August extension and modernization have been completed. Collaborating within the Scandinavian Beer Bridge project with Brewski, we have already received the barrels and bottles bearing their famous labels. The barrels have finished instantly; we have already ordered more bottled beers, which are highly appreciated by our visitors.

Tap takeover on Thursday:

  • BREWSKI 50 States of Freedom. Berliner 4% – light; refreshing Berliner Weisse with a touch of lime. Prices: 0.2l-PLN / 0.3l-PLN18 / 0.5l-PLN23
  • BREWSKI Pango IPA, 5.9% – Fruit IPA brewed from hops that produce tropical flavors enhanced with fresh pineapples and mangos – 0.2l-PLN / 0.3l-PLN19 / 0.5l- PLN24
  • BREWSKI Three Fourteen IPA – 5.9% – AIPA – strongly hopped with American IPA hop varieties with unique labels – 0.2l PLN / 0.3l-PLN/ 0.5l-PLN28
  • BREWSKI RED Red Robot DIPA 7.5% – Pineapple Imperial IPA. Bitter and fruity – 0.2l-PLN16 / 0.3l-PLN21 / 0.5l-PLN26
  • BREWSKI Coffee Snoutjuice – Stout 11.5% – Coffee Imperial Stout with coffee and bitter chocolate, vanilla and liquorice – 0.2l-PLN18 / 0.3l-PLN23 / 0.5l-PN28

In October Brewski is coming to WRCLW for our collaborative brewing. Most of their beers do not need any recommendations.

The bottled beers on offer:

  • BREWSKI Passionfeber IPA 7% – Fruit IPA – strongly hoppy beer with tropical fruit and citrus aromas and fresh passion fruit, apricot, and grapefruit. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI Conan DIPA 8% – Imperial IPA – really hoppy and aromatic beer with distinct bitterness and passion fruit, pineapple, honey an fresh herbs. 0.33l – PLN18
  • BREWSKI Mangofeber DIPA 8% – Imperial IPA. Fresh mango and huge amount of hops produce multivitamin bomb. 0.33l – PLN18
  • BREWSKI Mangohallonfeber APA 5.5% – incredibly hoppy Pale Ale brewed from hops that produce characteristic citrus flavour with a touch of mango and raspberry. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI Pango IPA 5.9% – Fruit IPA – IPA brewed from hops that produce tropical fruit flavors with extra pineapple and mango. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI Barbarian IPA 6% – Milkshake IPA – incredibly hoppy IPA with lactose and huge amount of tropical fruit aromas with a smooth and creamy finish. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI 50 States of Freedom, Berliner 4% – Berliner Weisse with lime – light, refreshing style with extra lime. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI Holy Feber Session IPA – Flowers of acacia trees; citrus flavour with grapefruit and oranges at the forefront. Extra kiwi, gooseberry; pineapple; citrus fruit and some tropical fruits. 0.33l – PLN17
  • BREWSKI Red Robot DIPA 7.5% – Imperial IPA with pineapple. High bitterness and fruitiness. 0.33l – PLN18
  • BREWSKI Three Fourteen IPA 5.9% – strongly hopped with American IPA hop varieties. 0.33l – PLN19

Thursday tap takeover special menu:


This super popular everyday Swedish snack is served with our home-made bread and mayo enriched with passion fruit that Brewski so bravely uses in their brews. Recommended with Brewski 50 States of Freedom Berliner Weisse z lime / Brewski Pango IPA / Brewski Passionfeber IPA.


Meat balls, iconic dish of the Scandinavian cuisine, served with light fish sauce and fresh new potato salad which shows similarities and establishes a bridge between the Polish and Swedish cuisine. Recommended with Brewski Three Fourteen IPA / Brewski Barbarian IPA / Brewski Conan DIPA / 50 States of Freedom Berliner Weisse.

Brewski, one of the most prestigious craft breweries in Europe well known and appreciated for its incredible fruity IPAs. We are going to exchange experiences, show craft Poland to the Swedish brewers and establish a really attractive Beer Bridge. More about the collaboration at

We are going to start the collaborative brewing in the first half of October. We’ll keep you posted about the specific date. In September we are going to serve new Brewski beers – “Pineapple Unplugged” and “Homeland”. Stay tuned. To learn more about Brewski, its beginnings, Marcus Hjalmarsson, his common sense, ability to focus on his goals and his perfectionism, which takes away the fun but gives extra motivation, go to