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Bridge between WRCLW and Ireland
International Brewery
Festival Hagstravaganza

The festival looks promising!

We are going to Ireland. We have been planning to visit the International Brewery Festival Hagstravaganza for a long time. Known as a meeting bringing together breweries from all over the world, the festival looks very promising. Each brewery is going to showcase beer that Ireland hasn’t tasted yet. We have already sent a wide range of draught beers to promote our 3 brands. We are going to present: WRCLW Schöps, SALAMANDER Black IPA and ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart.

The festival is going to promote the best of the Irish craft industry. The hosts, the brewers from the White Hag brewery, have promised to show us the craft Ireland. They want us to build a strong bridge between our countries. We are really excited as the festival looks promising. We are going to share details after we return. Our visit on the Green Island is going to start with a tour of the Galway Bay Brewery we made friends with in Eindhoven.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Here is a list of breweries invited Sligo – And here is a short video with an invitation for the Festival that we have uploaded on the White Hag profile –