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Kwestia smaku


Meeting at Kwestia
Smaku – Walecka,
Starecka, Szydziak

Join us at Kwestia Smaku

We have changed the cozy atmosphere of Concept into a beer garden. Monika Walecka has shared the story of her passion. Basia Starecka has told us numerous anecdotes. Everyone has been given a certain dose of excitement and energy. We have all left with the belief that meetings at Kwestia Smaku make a great sense. The guests shared autographs and the promised bread starter. Monika has received Pilsner malt. The meeting is just a beginning of a journey to discover new flavours and experiences.

The guests included enthusiasts and lovers of good taste: Paulina Kolondra kulinarnie, Campo,, Agata Anioł, Asia Aniszczyk – I love to eat, Katarzyna Gubała Slowly Veggie, Agnieszka Wańczyk, Justyna Kandulska, Hania Głuchowska, Ewelina Żygadło Milejowe Pole, Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy. There were also many fans of our brewing and cooking ideas. Most importantly, there were also new visitors who openly stated that they came to WRCLW to look for such inspiring places.

Big thanks to Agnieszka Szydziak Have a Bite, Basia Starecka and Monika. The meeting has been a great opportunity to open week-long celebrations of the first birthday anniversary of Concept Stu Mostów.

To learn more about Monika Wałecka – a photographer, food stylist, baker and blogger ( and the host Basia Starecka (Nakarmiona Starecka, Wysokie Obcasy) please visit the article about the Meeting at Kwestia Smaku at

The initiative known as “Kwestia Smaku” started even before the Brewery did. It was there we met so many wonderful people, among them, Prof. Jan Miodek (May 2014), who, in a sense, formed a mission for our activities: “you must continue doing what you do, talk about beer and food. We must be able to identify food experiences and put them in words. (…) A wide vocabulary range influences our perception of reality, including the way we experience flavors. The limits of our language are the limits of our world.”

Our mission is to shape tastes and increase flavour expectations. We are promoting food curiosity and variety through offering workshops. Our goal is to engage consumers in looking for flavors in shops, food markets and their own kitchen. The sense of taste is best developed by basic, common products of high quality. And we mean basic products: bread, cheese, meat, fish and beer. What we eat and drink defines us as people and citizens. It’s worth looking for good flavours and talk about them at home. We need to develop our language to describe flavors, aromas, serving methods. Everyone has the right to derive pleasure from food and everyone should learn how to do it. That’s the reason why we organize Meetings at Kwestia Smaku. Here is the link to the video featuring Prof. Miodek: