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Birthday celebrations


Celebrate the 1 st birthday
of Concept Stu Mostów

A week-long birthday celebrations

We are celebrating the 1 st birthday of Concept Stu Mostów all week long. Special guests, a big brunch for the finale, a birthday cake, and the amazing story of Concept Stu Mostów. Join us in the celebrations. Let us know what you appreciate from the business idea that has enriched beer brewing and culinary traditions of WRCLW.

We are opening the birthday week with a meeting at Kwestia Smaku with our special guest: Monika Walecka – a well-known baker, photographer, food stylists, blogger at, and a magician at her micro-bakery “Cała w mące”. The meeting is going to be hosted by Basia Starecka – a journalist, long-term editor at KUKBUK, traveler, blogger at Nakarmiona Starecka. The meeting is all about passion, baking, serving food and flavours. All craftsmen and enthusiasts of culinary experiences are invited on 14 July at 6 p.m. More details available at

We are going to present our products throughout the week starting on Sunday 16 July at the food market Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy with a Pop Up Restaurant. On the menu: nettle cold soup with baked potatoes, baked cheese with caramelized apricots and roasted malts served with dried grains baguettes with dry-aged beef and tomato water. It’s a real treat that can otherwise be found on Długosza Street only. Every day we are going to serve different products and give different beer recommendations.

The finale will take you by surprise. Since early morning we’re planning buffet breakfast and brunch in the garden between the Brewery and Concept. We’re going to have deck chairs and tables. “Vouchers” for PLN30 are going to be available at the entrance. The celebrations are taking place on Saturday 22 July (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) and Sunday 23 July (9:00 a.m. – 2:00p.m.)

The final treat is going to be the birthday cake with one candle. It’s amazing we have achieved so much in just a year. Join us for the celebrations. We’re not planning a book of wishes. We’re simply going to accept your wishes in person throughout the birthday week.

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