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Meeting for food lovers


Meeting at Kwestia Smaku
with Monika Walecka
hosted by Basia Starecka

Meeting at Kwestia Smaku

Join the meeting at Kwestia Smaku with Monika Walecka – a photographer, food stylist, and a baker well-known for her blog Monika has always been into cooking and presenting food. She used to produce music and culture programs for MTV Polska, then she switched to photography also cooking for photographers, celebrities and models. It was in Prague that she developed her skills as a photographer and food stylist. In San Francisco, the world’s capital of good bread, Monika would share her photography bug with a baking passion. Every day she discovers new flavors and documents them taking photographs. In the fall of 2016 Monika published a book titled “The Stories of the Wooden Table”. She lives in Warsaw where she has been developing her micro-bakery “Cała w mące” and promoting food in numerous radio and TV programs. Here are her websites: and

The meeting is taking place on Friday 14 July at 6:00 p.m. She is going to share her story, experiences as a baker and bread starter with those interested.

The host of the meeting is Basia Starecka – a journalist, traveller, blogger at Nakarmiona Starecka, and a restaurant reviewer. For the last 5 years Basia worked as a deputy editor-in-chief of the leading culture and cuisine magazine “KUKBUK” and the editor-in- chief of its online version. KUKBUK has earned the name of the most important, opinion-forming and the most beautifully published in this part of the world. A week ago Basia started her career as a freelancer publishing in Wysokie Obcasy magazine. She lives in Bucharest.

More about Basia Starecka at,

Join the attractive meeting and talk at Kwestia Smaku. It’s a good place. Concept Stu Mostów brings together craftsmen and enthusiasts of high quality products who share their passion and promote craft-related values.

The initiative known as “Kwestia Smaku” started even before the Brewery did. It was there we met so many wonderful people, among them, Prof. Jan Miodek (May 2014), who, in a sense, formed a mission for our activities: “you must continue doing what you do, talk about beer and food. We must be able to identify food experiences and put them in words. (…) A wide vocabulary range influences our perception of reality, including the way we experience flavors. The limits of our language are the limits of our world.”

Our mission is to shape tastes and increase flavour expectations. We are promoting food curiosity and variety through offering workshops. Our goal is to engage consumers in looking for flavors in shops, food markets and their own kitchen. The sense of taste is best developed by basic, common products of high quality. And we mean basic products: bread, cheese, meat, fish and beer. What we eat and drink defines us as people and citizens. It’s worth looking for good flavours and talk about them at home. We need to develop our language to describe flavors, aromas, serving methods. Everyone has the right to derive pleasure from food and everyone should learn how to do it. That’s the reason why we organize Meetings at Kwestia Smaku.

Here is the inspiring video featuring Prof. Miodek:

Meeting with Monika Walecka. 14 July; 6:00 p.m.
Host: Basia Starecka.
Venue: Concept Stu Mostów