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Join us for the premiere of
Milkshake IPA

SALAMANDER Strawberry Milkshake IPA makes its debut

As in milkshake, we have mixed strawberry puree, oat flakes, aromatic vanilla and sweet lactose with intensely hoppy American IPA .Such an unusual combination will take your senses by surprise. Delicious! Join us for its premiere this Thursday! Debut on Długosza Street. Beginning with Friday the beer is going to be available in the best pubs in town and Lower Silesia. On Saturday it’s going to take over Poland. After the weekend, abroad. No matter what style it is, we’re keeping things in order.

Outstanding in style and delicious in taste, this year’s latest trend, Milkshake IPA, is a combination of fruit, lactose and slightly bitter AIPA. This style allows for a lot of freedom. Brewers mix various fruit, different lactose proportions, and experiment with extra ingredients. We have decided to use strawberries which go extremely well with beer. We’ve added loads of precious vanilla sticks. The outcome brings to mind sweet strawberry-vanilla milkshake. The beer is filled with aromas of American and Australian hops: pineapple, citrus fruit or mango, which are balanced with a medium-high level of bitterness. It’s…..delicious!

This style is interesting in terms of extract, which seems to be high at first sight. Although 17 Plato identifies strong beers, the beer’s alcohol content is low as a result of lactose, milk sugar, which is not assimilated by yeast during the fermentation process. This sugar enriches the beer’s fullness and creates an illusion of drinking sweet milkshake. The malty base is quite light highlighting fruity and vanilla flavours. Oatmeal gives the style its velvety texture.

Extra ingredients are really important in this style! We have decided to use strawberries which have already produced an outstanding result in out ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse. What could be better in a milkshake! Added in the form of fruit puree, strawberries are aromatic, slightly acidic, and 100% natural. They are delicious. And on top of it, vanilla sticks, more precious than gold, give the beer its final touch.

Join us for the premiere of Milkshake IPA! More possibilities to invite other at Facebook event