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The Good Beer Festival


SALMANADER Peach Berliner Weisse makes its debut at the WGBF

26 beers offered at stand 26; SALMANADER Peach Berliner Weisse makes its debut!

Visit the 8 th edition of the Wrocław Good Beer Festival and celebrate the debut of the peach beer! It’s a highly drinkable style to enjoy in summertime! This is the perfect mix of the symbol of traditional German brewing school, the light, sourish, and refreshing beer, Berliner Weisse, fermented with the lactic acid bacteria and the refreshing aromatic peaches! Very low extract of 9%; grist made of light, Pilsner and wheat, malts only account for the maximum lightness typical of this style. The delicate aroma of honeydew produced by the new-wave German hop variety Huell Melon has been preserved. Taste it!

We’re serving our core offer, which today includes 7 beer styles. WRCLW Pils, Hefeweizen, Schöps and the winner of the bronze medal at the 2016 Craft Beer Competition– WRCLW Roggenbier. SALAMANDER Pale Ale, AIPA and the winner of the gold medal at 2016 KPR SALAMANDER Black IPA. We’re offering beers that will serve our educational purpose. Use the opportunity to invite your friends to taste the difference that craft beer offers. Our core beers include light and dark, refreshing and full-bodied, barley, wheat and rye styles. And the most intriguing of them all: Schöps, which has already become our trademark and core style. We have been aiming at making Schöps available for good. A few days ago, WRCLW Schöps was awarded the title of “the 2017 Best Flavour of Lower Silesia.”

SALAMANDER American Wheat is also returning to taps. American-style wheat beer brewed with the majority of wheat malts, which apart from its light colour gives the beer a subtle, bready, wheat-like character. American hop varieties account for balanced bitterness, and interesting citric-grapefruit aroma brought about during the beer ageing process. American Wheat is a perfectly refreshing and drinkable beer to enjoy on a summer day. That’s a comeback we’ve all been waiting for!

SALAMANDER Imperial AIPA is way stronger than AIPA thanks to a stronger extract, higher alcohol contents and more hops! Less density and maltiness (than one may expect judging from the extract) along with light grist highlight the leading role that hops play in Imperial IPA.

SALAMANDER Cranberry Sour Ale. Take a trip to the North and enjoy a stronger taste of the sour top-fermentation beer brewed with cranberry juice. The beer’s clear sour profile has been produced by selected lactic acid bacteria and balanced with cereal foundation. Cranberry juice brings out the sour taste and accounts for a refreshing fruity flavour and unique bitterness.

The outstanding series of our Berliner Weisse beers is on taps: SALAMANDER Cherry Berliner Weisse, ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse and the brand new SALAMANDER Peach Berliner Weisse.

Another one not to be missed is our beer brewed in collaboration with the Jopen Brewery. Jopen/Browar Stu Mostów Polished Black Gold – Baltic Porter 22 blg 9.2 % alc. 47 IBU. It’s been the first ever collaboration between Jopenkerk and a Polish brewery. The Baltic Porter with rye grist. Heavyweight in the Porter category!

There are more Jopen beers to be found at our stand as part of the Craft Beer Bridge established between Poland and the Netherlands:

  • Northsee IPA – IPA, 6.5 % alc. (aka Mooie Nel) this strongly hopped IPA is a Dutch answer to the American-style IPA; the winner of numerous awards locally and globally;
  • Life’s a Beach – IPA, 4.5 % alc. 50 IBU; refreshing IPA with an abundance of New Zealand hops;
  • Jacobus RPA – Rye Pale Ale, 5.5 % alc. 45 IBU. This beer has been brewed to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the former church where Jopen operates. It has been awarded numerous medals at prestigious beer festivals, including two-times golden medal at Brussels Beer Challenge.
  • Ex-Girlfriend – Eisbock, 11.5 % alc. 30 IBU. Four-malt eisbock (barley, wheat, rye, oats) with higher alcohol contents of 11.5% increased from 6.5%.
  • Doubting Thomas – American Quadrupel, 10 % alc. 40 IBU brewed from American hops that account for its fruity flavour.
  • Koyt – Gruit Ale, 8.5 % alc. 18 IBU. The medieval recipe for this beer has been recreated to revive this style brewed from a mix of herbs instead of hops.

and several other interesting collaborations not to be missed:

  • Jopen/De Molen. Sin&Remorse – Imperial Stout, 10 % alc. 60 IBU. Collaboration of the two biggest breweries in the Netherlands.
  • Jopen/Cigar City. Wayne’s World – Golden Ale blg 6.5 % alc. 40 IBU. Brewed in collaboration with the American brewery Cigar City.
  • Jopen/Grateful Deaf/Waen Brewery/Hopcraft. Get in Sea-Laverbread – Porter, 6.5 % alc. 40 IBU. Collaboration of 4 breweries which resulted in the production of the English porter made seaweed and dry oranges.
  • Jopen/Grateful Deaf. IPA – IPA, 7.2 % alc. 70 IBU. Collaboration IPA made with American hop varieties grown in Japan.
  • Jopen/Wolf`s Brewery. Overstag – RIS, 10.5 % alc. 70 IBU. Collaboration with the Russian brewery Wolf`s Brewery. Russian Imperial Stout made with oat malts and juniper.
  • Jopen/Odell. Nuts for Chocolate – Blond Ale, 7% alc. 30 IBU. Collaboration with the American brewery Odell. Blond Ale made with almonds and unroasted cocoa beans.