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Beer Pretzel


Pretzel and mustard titled
“The 2017 Best Flavour of Lower Silesia

Beer pretzels named the specialty of WRCLW

The largest culinary festival “Europe on the Fork” held annually in Wrocław promotes regional flavours as part of the local identity. Our products have been awarded in every possible category. We have submitted three products for “The 2017 Best Flavour of Lower Silesia”:

  • WRCLW Schöps beer – participation and victory
  • Beer pretzels – participation and victory
  • mustard – participation and victory

Beer pretzels have won the award in the baking and pastry category. It’s a great reason to celebrate! Concept Stu Mostów, our craftsmen located just next door to our brewery who bake beer pretzels and sourdough breads, have been awarded as well. Ingredients used for production of beer pretzels, namely wort, malts, and brewers’ dried grains, allow for their uniqueness . Our pretzels have yeasty and malty flavour, smell like pils, have compact consistency and stay fresh for a longer time.

The bread starter is unique as it made of beer. Thus, it’s strong and rises quickly. Containing its own yeast strains, beer is great culture medium. For this reason, our bread smells and tastes different. Pretzels always weight the same but their looks differ. This is what distinguishes them from the mass produced ones. We have been producing beer pretzels since the very beginning. Here is one of our coverage on pretzels –

We also produce two types of bread: rye and wheat-rye in a baking pan and basket. They are our core products but we also offer experimental products from Wednesday to Friday depending on the ingredients used in the Brewery.

Original mustards

Wort-based mustards by Concept Stu Mostów have won the title of the „Best Flavour of Lower Silesia.” Products have been evaluated in terms of flavour, smell and look, quality ingredients, extra ingredients, production method.

Our beer-based mustards have unique flavours. Mustard seeds are soaked with vinegar and hot wort, which is sweet and replaces sugar. Brought to boil, the mix is set aside for 3 weeks. Mustard seeds absorb all the wort, which gives the final product its strong vinegar taste. Our mustard is coarsely ground. No artificial ingredients added. The original taste comes from mustard seeds, not a mix of artificial aromas and starch. The sweet malty brew of wort is used instead of water and sugar. The consistency is original as well. We grind mustard seeds coarsely. It’s as if it is threshed. That goes well with the brewery.

Our mustards are available in the Concept store and selected shops in WRCLW.

The aim of the competition is to find and promote the best regional and traditional products and culinary produce from Lower Silesia. We’re hoping our mustards will be available in many more shops in Lower Silesia. They’re well worth trying!