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18 LAT?

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From strength to strength,
from investments to …
a centrifuge!

We’re putting our complex investment project into practice. Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality beer. Our mission is to set the quality bar really high, to open up opportunities for brewers, show their creativity and invite professional brewers to our city.

We’re going to offer technological advances uncommon for breweries of such kind. One of them is a CENTRIFUGE. The main task of a centrifuge is to lower any risks, improve flexibility, and stabilise production. On top of that, it will also let us expand the product range.

Centrifuge improves quality, specifically of beers brewed with no use of yeast such as Pils. With time, yeast may undergo autolysis in a bottle, which negatively affects beer quality. Very few breweries have a centrifuge as part of their equipment. Most of them make do with filtration. Filters are cheaper but worse in terms of quality as a lot of taste and aroma is lost during the filtration process. Using a centrifuge, instead, allows for separating yeast without the loss of protein compounds, polyphenols, and hop oils. Using a centrifuge also improves beer clarity and homogenises cloudiness of yeast beers. It can be used even in the production of Hefeweizen. Consequently, a centrifuge is bound to improve visual effects and lower the risk of quality differences between beers.

The investments that we announced at the beginning of the year have allowed for improving the quality of produced beer at all production stages from grain to packaging; beginning with quality hopping with the use of HopGun, through a centrifuge right after fermentation, a flash pasteurizer to professional bottling. We’re expecting visible results through the synergy.

We’re offering incredible technological advances that will allow us to stabilise our offer, which, in turn, ensures continuous supplies. This has been the source of our motivation and our priority. Along with our partners, we’ve done a great job related to spreading knowledge and building awareness of specific beer styles. Constant availability will move us to another level – it will allow us to build everyday consumption. We don’t want craft to be perceived as a lottery, or “what have you got there” type of doing shopping.

Our core offer includes 7 beers: WRCLW Pils, WRCLW Roggenbier, WRCLW Hefeweizen and WRCLW Schöps, SALAMANDER Pale Ale, AIPA as well as Black IPA. We’ve got a wide range of beers available: from the light ones through darker to strong styles. We’ve brewed barley, wheat and rye beers. We’re so proud of the success of Schöps. It’s been a smash. Schöps has become part of our core, which was exactly what we wanted. Schöps is going to be brewed and available for good.

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