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RIS BA 2016


WRCLW Rye RIS 2016
aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels

Join us to taste WRCLW Rye RIS BA 2016!

Rye RIS aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels is on taps! On the menu: delicious steaks, ripened cheeses, and desserts. Our specialties are seasoned and prepared on the spot by Concept to bring out the full flavour of our premiere beer. More about the beer at ris-2/



Steaks, for starters. There are three steak types on the menu: ROAST BEEF, LOIN and T- BONE STEAK dry seasoned in special beef seasoning cabinets. All of them hand-cut. No kidding. Come and see for yourself. We’re organizing meat cutting workshops. The steaks are served with pepper bread, chocolate barbecue sauce, fired potatoes, and potato salad.



Then comes the dessert. A smoked-malt shortcrust tart with chocolate-beer filling pairs perfectly with RIS. For those who prefer subtle, fruity and slightly more sour flavours we’re serving a malt and caramel shortcrust tart with white chocolate and cranberries. All of these treats are prepared by Concept Stu Mostów. Visit us to taste them!

The premiere of WRCLW Rye RIS BA will end on Wednesday, the Chocolate Day!

By then, the beer will have been available in the pubs and shops in WRCLW and Lower Silesia. The map is available on our website: