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Join us for the debut of
Rye Baltic Porter
WRCLW – Jopen Beer Bridge

Join us for the world premiere of Rye Baltic Porter!

Here it is: well-balanced and long waited for; brewed in cooperation with Haarlem, one of the oldest and most prestigious craft breweries in Europe; a well-known style with a Polish touch of rye: Polished Black Gold.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve brewed a Baltic porter, which has established the beer bridge across the world’s best beers. Polished Black Gold is a stronger and fuller version of a bottom-fermented style known for its chocolate, caramel and melanoidin flavours. With the extra rye malt added, the beer has gained slightly spicy and bready tones as well as velvety and sticky structure. Just imagine the mouthfeel. The sweetness of the beer is balanced with roasted tones and bitterness from Polish hops: Iunga and Sybilla. It’s the beer to savour in long winter nights. Discover its multilayered flavours. Join us to taste it!

If you are a beer enthusiast keen on history, brewing traditions, new wave beers, or building local identity on the basis of innovations, visit our brewery. Polish craft brewing plays an important role in building the image of our city, region and country.

The official debut is taking place soon. This is definitely the world premiere as the beer is available in 3 continents. It’s on the way to the US and China. Join our “Meet the Brewer” events: 9.02 Wrocław; 27-28.01 Katowice; 28-29.01 Warszawa. Stay tuned for more details of the tour.