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Our wishes for 2017


Merry Christmas!
2017 as the year
of big investments in quality

Wishes and plans for 2017

Merry Christmas from the whole team of Browar Stu Mostów. Let’s cherish what we have. Let’s celebrate what we all did to develop the craft industry. And here is our gift: a complex investment program prepared for months. The goal is to produce highest quality beer. Our mission is to set the quality bar really high, to open up opportunities for brewers to show their creativity and to invite professional brewers to our city. We’re going to offer technological advances uncommon for breweries of such kind which will help us eliminate any risks of lower quality and make our offer even more stable. This is the key to continuous provision of high quality beer and foreign expansion. Here is what we’ve planned:


HopGun is a dry hopping system patented by BrauKon. Its special pre-filtration candle and swirling motion ensure maximum dissolving of oils from granulated hop pellets. The use of pump and long extraction process allow for homogenous hopping throughout the tank. There is no need to pour beer to other tanks, and as a result the risk of beer oxidation is eliminated and its quality largely improved.

Even though dry hopping is HopGun’s main task…this state-of-the-art equipment can do anything. Creativity is the limit. One thing we’re going to check out soon is adding unusual ingredients during beer ageing process. HopGun guarantees maximum freshness of the used ingredients. It’s the first HopGun in Poland. In 2017 we’re going to order more Hopsteiner hops. The effect of combing HopGun and new hops will be stunning. And yet it’s just the beginning of our innovations.


The main task of a centrifuge is to lower any risks, improve flexibility, and stabilise production. On top of that, it will also let us expand the product range. Centrifuge improves quality, specifically of beers brewed with no use of yeast such as Pils. With time, yeast may undergo autolysis in a bottle, which negatively affects beer quality.

Very few breweries have a centrifuge as part of their equipment. Most of them make do with filtration. Filters are cheaper but worse in terms of quality as a lot of taste and aroma is lost during the filtration process. Using a centrifuge, instead, allows for separating yeast without the loss of protein compounds, polyphenols, and hop oils.

Using a centrifuge also improves beer clarity and homogenises cloudiness of yeast beers. It can be used even in the production of Hefeweizen. Consequently, a centrifuge is bound to improve visual effects and lower the risk of quality differences between beers.


Monoblock is going to replace the semi-bottling system whose main problem may be beer oxidation. Even though, the bottle pressure has so far been balanced with carbon dioxide, what was in the bottle couldn’t have been removed. And that’s mostly oxygen responsible for beer oxidation. No matter how slight oxidation may occur, it is not recommended. Here is when Monoblock comes in handy. First, the bottle is rinsed, then degassed in a vacuum pump, and finally blown through carbon dioxide. This perfect process is going to eliminate any risks of beer oxidation with time. It’s yet another way of ensuring highest quality. It’s the first such technologically advanced monoblock in the Polish craft industry. The supplier is highly recommended. Great references. The interesting thing is its compact size as it needs to be fitted in the historical building. And that’s happening soon!


Flash pasteurization allows for selecting perfect parameters through heating beer so as to ensure its microbiological quality, which is often considered the weakness of “cooking” beer. It reduces the risk of longer heating or overheating periods that may result in less intense taste. What’s more important, a flash pasteurizer eliminates the danger of potential bacteria strains, or accidental adding of toast, caramel or bread tones. It certainly does make a difference when it comes to some beer styles. Flash pasteurization r is yet another way of eliminating any potential risks without beer losing its original features.

Steaming or giving bottles hot water baths are the thing of the past. The energy capacity of our latest investment is 97% . The idea is to supply energy at the very beginning. The rest is a question of heat exchangers. If not the first in the craft industry, it is definitely the first such an innovative solution in a craft brewery in Poland.


Here are some facts. First, we’re going to have tanks of different sizes from 20 to 60 hl, which will ensure consistent supplies. We’re going to offer a wider variety of fresh beers.

Smaller tanks are going to enrich our Barrel Ageing Program. Our aged beers are going to be of even higher standards. Another investment is coupage that will give us the possibility to combine different barrels. We can’t wait for the outcome!

We’re also going to equip our tanks with some solutions that are not very common in Europe these days. Our motivation is inquisitiveness and awareness of changes taking place in the world of craft beer. We’re sure to present these pioneer solutions in 2017.

What is more, they’re going to install the second high-capacity cooler to provide better comfort and lower any potential risks. We’ve made a huge effort to implement all of these innovations simultaneously without ceasing the production process.


Our investments will allow for improving the quality of produced beer at all production stages from grain to packaging; beginning with quality hopping with the use of HopGun, through a centrifuge right after fermentation, a flash pasteurizer to professional bottling. We’re expecting visible results through the synergy.


We’re offering incredible technological advances that will allow us to stabilise our offer, which, in turn, ensures continuous supplies. This has been the source of our motivation and our priority. Along with our partners, we’ve done a great job related to spreading knowledge and building awareness of specific beer styles. Constant availability will move us to another level – it will allow us to build everyday consumption. We don’t want craft to be perceived as a lottery, or “what have you got there” type of doing shopping.

Our core offer includes 7 beers: WRCLW Pils, WRCLW Roggenbier, WRCLW Hefeweizen and WRCLW Schöps, SALAMANDER Pale Ale, AIPA as well as Black IPA. We’ve got a wide range of beers available: from the light ones through darker to strong styles. We’ve brewed barley, wheat and rye beers.

Our beers will be constantly available in Browar Stu Mostów because they taste so well that they’ve won over the menu of many restaurants. They are recommended by Have a Bite maps and the Yellow Guide. We’re so proud of the success of Schöps. It’s been a smash. Schöps has become part of our core, which was exactly what we wanted. Schöps is going to be brewed and available for good.

Our offer is complemented with seasonal beers and those brewed in collaboration project (under the ART brand) on Długosza Street and at our partners’ breweries. We’ve already completed two projects of this kind. The first Beer Bridge has been built with Camba in Bavaria. Its outcome, Hellertauer IPL Collab, is on offer. The result of the other one, the cooperation with Jopen, is going to be available in January.

We’ve participated in 10 collaboration projects altogether. The planned investments will enable us to fulfil our potential. We’re going to brew more interesting and more creative beers. We’re aiming at becoming the pioneers of craft brewing and marking WRCLW’s presence on the global map of the craft industry. Year 2017 looks very promising!